California Church Experiences State-Wide Revival with 30,000 Baptisms


Now, the church made its goal to baptize 30,000 people this past Pentecost Sunday with “Baptize California” in hopes of seeing a “Baptize America” movement take place next summer.

The Baptize California initiative gathered together over 300 congregations in many of California’s counties to see lives changed throughout the state.

Reverend Mark Francey told the Washington Times how the church’s heart is to see revival spread throughout the state and eventually to the entire the nation.

One comment on Instagram described the power of spiritual healing experienced by those in attendance.

“I was a line leader and this lady – probably in her 50’s, started running down my line. I held my arms out open and yelled ‘Welcome home.’ She ran down the line and hugged me so tight and said, ‘I am free! I am free.'”

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It’s this kind of revival that Francey believes will not only take over the state of California, but will also transform our entire nation.

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