Death of Iran’s President Sends Shockwaves Around the World


JERUSALEM, Israel – Iranian state TV confirmed Monday that Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi died in a helicopter crash on Sunday.

His death shocks the Iranian regime while its proxies are at war with Israel.   

As the Netanyahu government interprets what his death will mean in the war with those proxies, the prime minister is being challenged by protests and political rivals at home.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei appointed First Vice President Mohammad Mokhber as the country’s acting president after Raisi’s death.

The country’s cabinet also announced it would continue the policies of Raisi.

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According to state television reports, Raisi’s helicopter crashed in bad weather after returning from inaugurating a dam in Iran’s East Azerbaijan province. 

Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Abdollahian also died in the crash.

The crash occurred after months of war between Iran’s proxies Hamas and Hezbollah, along with Iran’s unprecedented drone and missile attack against Israel in April.

Raisi was known as the “Butcher of Tehran” for his involvement in sentencing thousands of political opponents to death in the 1980s after the Islamic revolution.

During his term as president, he suppressed massive protests against the regime.

He also oversaw Iran’s nuclear program as it got closer than ever before to creating weapons-grade uranium.

He was also an implacable foe of Israel, yet Israel is denying any involvement in his death.

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Also in Israel, Benny Gantz, a member of the War Cabinet, publicly issued an ultimatum to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Gantz said his National Unity Party would leave the government by June 8th unless Netanyahu launches a comprehensive plan for the “day after” the war with Hamas ends – and the plan must include a governing body in Gaza with international and Palestinian personnel.

Netanyahu fired back, accusing Gantz of “issuing an ultimatum to the prime minister instead of issuing an ultimatum to Hamas.”

The prime minister added that Gantz’s demands would mean “an end to the war and defeat for Israel., abandoning the majority of the hostages, leaving Hamas in power and creating a Palestinian state.”

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