Extra Clue to Win Perry Stone’s $500,000 Treasure Hunt Prize


Hidden somewhere in the four-state area of the Appalachian Mountains is a key. That key was placed by Perry Stone in part of his Christian-based treasure hunt. The prize is not your ordinary trinket, it’s $500,000 worth of gold, silver and platinum coins, jewelry, ruby jewels, sapphires and more.

In an interview with Stone, he shared a never before told clue to aid readers in solving the treasure hunt.

“Somebody who knows how to research will break this code. Eighty percent can be solved at home. To find the last clues, unless you’ve been to this place and you remember something, you go there and will break the very last set of clues,” Stone says.

His book, “The Treasure” is written from the perspective of his daughter Amanda traveling through the mountainside to find a key placed by her father which in turn gives her a valuable inheritance.

“Concealed within this story are various hints and clues which, if correctly deciphered and placed in proper order, will lead to a specific location. At this location, the treasure hunter can retrieve a key,” Perry Stone says.

As more and more treasure-hunting shows pile up on Netflix and other streaming services, utilizing this tool to bring your family together to solve the mystery could be a great way to spend the summer.

Tune in to part one and part two of our interview with Perry Stone to hear his prophetic vision of the dragon with seven heads.

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Shelby Bowen is an assistant editor for Charisma Media.


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