French Drag Queens Selected to Carry Olympic Torch


Not one, not two, but three French drag queens have been selected as torchbearers for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

As the city of Paris has been franticly working to prepare for the summer games, it has caught world media outlets’ attention regarding who is representing the French people leading up the Olympics.

To say there are those in the nation who gave us the baguette, the parachute and pressure cooker (Denis Papin was born in France) who are not thrilled about this virtue-signaling decision would be an understatement.

Writing for The European Conservative, Hélène de Lauzun shares about the many hardships facing the city as it prepares for the event—and the embarrassment.

“Instead of seizing the opportunity to celebrate French excellence, everything is done to denigrate and sully it,” she writes.

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“Anarchy reigns everywhere, dust and dirt reign supreme, transport and traffic are as disorganized as ever, but we are told that all this is only temporary, and that it will all be over soon—for a good cause,” de Lauzun says. “With the opening of the Games fast approaching, nothing seems to be improving. There are legitimate concerns about what the city will look like to visitors when the time comes.”

This is not the picture the French Olympic Committee is hoping for, but sadly, reality is often different than wishful thinking.

And the discontent of preparations doesn’t stop there for the many French citizens who hold to traditional and conservative values. It’s almost as though these Olympics aren’t intended for them.

The singer chosen for the opening ceremony, Aya Nakamura, was met with backlash from many even though she is one of today’s biggest-name French singers.

Taking the cake, however, was the selection of who would wield the flame and the insult it brings to not just French citizens, but the world.

“The flame’s journey back to Paris is a grotesque parade weaving together bad taste and ideology,” Lauzun writes. “The ceremony to light the flame in the ruins of Olympia, which had shone with the dignity of its classical elegance, is consigned to oblivion. Transgender runners and drag queens have taken its place. Everyone has their own little verse. The aim is no longer to celebrate sporting virtues, but to present a programme of societal demands.”

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Lauzun is referring to the three drag queens chosen to carry the Olympic torch at various points of the flame’s journey to the Opening Ceremony.

What is even more striking is how so many cultures around the world, especially in the West, have completely abandoned the Bible and the creation and design of God, the Creator of the Word upon which the West was built.

The Olympic Games are meant to be a uniting factor for the world and showcase excellence in sport and sportsmanship, yet now they—like so many other areas of life—have devolved into political posturing and ideology spewing.

Christians must realize that no area of society is safe from Satan’s goal of corrupting and distorting the world God created. He attacks humans and our very image, as it was made after God’s, and he will not relent on this attack until he has been defeated for eternity.

In the meantime, we are charged with being representatives of Christ, loving others with the empowerment of the Holy Spirit and taking a firm stand against the spreading darkness as light to the world.

If we fail in our duties, we will continue to see this unprecedented spread of evil, perversion and deception to the four corners of the world, which God loves so much He sent His only Son to die for.

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James Lasher is staff writer for Charisma Media.


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