‘Hellish Visage’: King Charles Portrait Sparks Satanic Accusations


With the recent unveiling of the first official portrait of King Charles III, much of the world recoiled in horror at the blood-red sight of it.

Commissioned by British artist Jonathan Yeo, the monarch is surrounded by red, except for his hands and face which retain their flesh tones.

Yeo said it is the red of the Welsh Guards uniform that inspired such a polarizing portrait.

“The vivid color of the glazes in the background echo the uniform’s bright red tunic, not only resonating with the royal heritage found in many historical portraits but also injecting a dynamic, contemporary jolt into the genre with its uniformly powerful hue, providing a modern contrast to more traditional depictions,” his website states.

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It should come as no surprise that once the world saw the portrait revealed, a wide array of opinions came with it.

“The Portrait of The King has demon faces all over it,” posted podcaster and globalism expert Alex Jones on X.

“TRINITY OF SATAN: King Charles III’s Official Portrait Is Clearly Demonic” he adds in a later post.

Accusations of images of Baphomet within the painting have run rampant on social media, as well as accusations of the image representing the blood spilled by the British monarchy throughout history.

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Some have even claimed a connection between the white horse covered in blood that ran through the streets of London recently, a few weeks before the blood-red portrait was unveiled, but these theorists have yet to connect the dots on their theory.

As reported by The Daily Wire, not everyone hated the image, as “Yeo told the BBC that King Charles’s wife, Camilla, was a fan of the finished product. ‘Yes you’ve got him,’ she allegedly said after seeing the painting.”

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.


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