If Your Child Says They See Demons, Believe Them


For many parents, the topic of seeing demons often is chalked up to a wild imagination and not a spiritual attack.

And sometimes kid’s imaginations do get the better of them; they are children, after all.

But what happens when children start telling their parents that they are seeing monsters, and insist they are real?

In a recent video, the YouTube channel “Jesse Speaks” shared a video of a mother’s personal experience as a child being tormented by demons, and that her own daughter had such terrifying experiences as well.

Unlike her parents, whom she deemed “lukewarm Christians,” this mother knows the power in the name of Jesus.

“When your children come to you and say they are seeing monsters in their bedroom at night, believe them,” the unnamed mother implores.

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As many within the Christian church, and the world, have abandoned the belief in the spiritual realm and the warfare that takes place within it, they have unwittingly opened the doors for spiritual and demonic oppression in their lives.

How? Because they don’t teach what the Bible says about demons, spiritual warfare and our power over them.

“My parents were lukewarm Christians. We talked about Jesus every now and then, but it wasn’t a big topic of conversation. And so as a child, I saw demons,” she continues. “And there were several times in the middle of the night that they would threaten me and they would try to attack me.”

Jesus believed in spiritual warfare and deliverance from the demonic, evident in the Gospels. So why would Christians today dismiss this topic of discussion as preposterous or simply view it as irrelevant, if they even view it as a topic of discussion at all?

“People will discount the spiritual realm. They’ll lock it [away]. So when I took these things to my mom, she didn’t believe me,” shares the mother. “She actually ended up taking me to a therapist, and she asked me what I was seeing. When I told her, she looked at me and she says, ‘No, you don’t see these things.’

“I didn’t feel safe in sharing it with anyone.”

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Having these types of negative experiences as a child can keep the spiritual door open not only for parents to be terrorized by demons, but for their children as well. Because there has been no warfare against the enemy attacking them, and without any resistance or pleading of the name of Jesus, the enemy will keep attacking over and over again.

“My daughter is a strong seer in the spiritual realm. She started to see similar things to what I had seen as a child,” she continues. “So I taught her ‘Go! In the name of Jesus.’ She started to understand her authority and walk in it [to] some point now where it doesn’t happen anymore.

“[Parents], please teach your children the power of the name [of Jesus].”

When parents train up their children in the Lord, they will be equipped to fight the spiritual battle that the Bible teaches us is very real. This will require diligence on the parent’s part, but by doing so, our children are exposed to the power of the name of Jesus Christ.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.


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