Anne Graham Lotz Says, ‘We’re Living at the End of the Age’


Anne Graham Lotz is a woman of the Word whose father, the late evangelist Billy Graham, called “the best preacher in the family.” And when Lotz looks at what’s happening in the world today, she sees one thing: the soon return of Jesus Christ.

“I believe we’re living at the end of the age; I believe we’re living at the end of human history as we know it,” Lotz tells Dr. Steve Greene on a popular episode of the Greenelines podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network. “And I believe everything we see taking place is sort of a setup, that God is setting us up for the return of Jesus Christ.”

Lotz says since she was a young person, she’s believed that Jesus would return in her lifetime–and she often talked about this with her father. “He agreed, because I base it on Scripture; it’s not just a feeling. But what Jesus said in Matthew 24, and the signs that He gave—and I’ve been watching the signs—but the stunning thing has been the signs that are coming about.

“I thought 10 years ago they were ratcheting up,” Lotz adds. “I thought five years ago, it was getting intense. And now …. Jesus called the signs ‘birth pains,’ and birth pains are like labor pains. So when I first went into labor, I had like a low back pain every five minutes; it wasn’t so bad. And then it increases in frequency every four minutes, three minutes, and then in an intensity until at the end, you know, I was just wanted to holler—and then the baby came.

“And Jesus said the signs that He gave are like birth pains,” she says. “When you see them increasing in frequency—so it’s not just every 100 years, it’s every 10 years; now it’s every year, it’s every week, and increasing in intensity as they do so that they’re record-breaking. It’s stunning.

Lotz says if we track things like fire, floods and hurricanes, we see how the signs are increasing. “You see it ratcheting up in both number and intensity, and I believe the baby is soon to birth,” she says. “I believe Jesus is soon to come back. And the impact of this is that you live your life so that you have no regrets. When that trumpet blows and Jesus descends with a shout and we’re caught up in the air, that you have no regrets in the way you’ve lived your life.”

Light of His PresenceFor more of Lotz’s words on the end of the age and how you can increase your intimacy with Jesus through a vibrant prayer life, listen to the entire episode of Greenelines at this link, and subscribe to Greenelines on your favorite podcast platform for more inspiring stories like this one. Find Lotz’s book, The Light of His Presence: Prayers to Draw You Near to the Heart of God, wherever fine books are sold. {eoa}

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