Morning Rundown: Mike Winger Says Benny Hinn Is Not a Christian During Interview With Charisma


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Mike Winger Says Benny Hinn Is Not a Christian During Interview With Charisma

Christian YouTuber Mike Winger, who is an ordained pastor but not currently shepherding a church, recently spoke with Charisma Media’s John Matarazzo about his four-hour video, titled “The Victims of Benny Hinn: 30 years of Spiritual Deception.”

Seventeen days after posting his viral video, Winger shared in a separate video that Hinn was attempting to get his video, which has over 900,000 views, removed from YouTube. In the four-hour video, Winger argued that Hinn has been financially and spiritually abusive throughout his years of ministry.

Winger’s interview with Charisma comes after Charisma posted a two-part interview with Hinn. Matarazzo said, “We’re trying to platform voices the best way that we can as we see God moving.

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Perry Stone Unveils Shocking New Mystery Behind JFK Murder

The assassination of President Kennedy may have more spiritual significance than anyone first thought.

In a recent video, Perry Stone unlocked a spiritual mystery revolving around JFK’s death.

Recounting details from Pastor Davis, a former missionary in Haiti during Kennedy’s presidency, Stone says it’s quite possible that an occult leader from Haiti placed a curse over Kennedy, leading to his death. Stone says this would have followed when Kennedy put a blockade on Haiti. The Haitian leader, Francois Duvalier, also known as “Poppa Doc,” was largely into witchcraft and voodoo at the time of Kennedy’s presidency.

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Vatican Tightens Rules on Entertaining the Supernatural

The Catholic Church is tightening their rules about how to deal with the supernatural.

In a newly released document, the Vatican is advising bishops no longer act alone when dealing with supernatural phenomena such as blood-soaked crucifixes and apparitions of the Virgin Mary. Instead, bishops should consult with the Vatican.

The Vatican’s announcement acknowledged that supernatural events “have led to a great richness of spiritual fruits, growth in faith, devotion, fraternity and service.” However, they believe there are times when the supernatural can act as a deterrent away from faithfully following God.

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