Is ‘Panic for Profit’ One of the Greatest Crimes in History?


One year ago, we struggled with the question how to best deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The choice was between adopting Dr. Anthony Fauci’s “flattening the curve” strategy or following Dr. Knut Wittkowski’s medical advice and recommendation to “Get the old and frail people out of the way, get the kids in school, run your businesses and carry on with life as usual and in 4-6 weeks the virus will have run its course and been eliminated by the only the thing that kills such viruses: herd immunity.”

An internal warning light flashed “the Gibeonite deception,” an issue that we discussed in our opinion piece of Friday, March 20, 2020.

The Gibeonites from Joshua 9 pretended to be ambassadors from a distant country who arrived with “old wineskins torn and mended, old and patched sandals on their feet, and old garments on themselves. And all the bread of their provision was dry and crumbly” (v.4b-5a). In reality they had come from just the other side of the hill.

A lawyer admitted to the bar in Germany and in California for 26 years, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich (born 1958), has been practicing law primarily as a trial lawyer against fraudulent corporations. He is one of four members of the German Corona Investigative Committee that has taken testimony from a large number of international scientists and experts since July 10, 2020, to find answers to questions about the “corona crisis” that more and more people worldwide are asking.

Here is a summary of the committee’s conclusions:

“The corona crisis, according to all we know today, must be renamed a ‘Corona Scandal’ and those responsible for it must be criminally prosecuted and sued for civil damages … the corona fraud scandal has meanwhile unfolded into probably the greatest crime against humanity ever committed.”

Some major questions must be answered in the context of a judicial approach to the corona scandal, such as:

1. Is there a corona pandemic, or is there only a PCR-test pandemic? Specifically, does a positive PCR-test result mean that the person tested is infected with COVID-19, or does it mean absolutely nothing in connection with the COVID-19 infection?

2. Do the so-called anti-corona measures, such as the lockdown, mandatory face masks, social distancing and quarantine regulations, serve to protect the world’s population from coronavirus, or do these measures serve only to make people panic so that they believe—without asking any questions—that their lives are in danger, so that in the end the pharmaceutical and tech industries can generate huge profits from the sale of PCR tests, antigen and antibody tests and vaccines, as well as the harvesting of our genetic fingerprints?

Fuellmich states, “More and more scientists, but also lawyers, recognize that, as a result of the deliberate panic-mongering, and the corona measures enabled by this panic, democracy is in great danger of being replaced by fascist totalitarian models. In Australia, people who do not wear the masks, which more and more studies show are hazardous to health, or who allegedly do not wear them correctly, are arrested, handcuffed, and thrown into jail … children are taken away from their parents if they do not comply with quarantine regulations, distance regulations, and mask-wearing regulations.”

Fuellmich further states, “The now infamous Imperial College of London’s Professor Neil Ferguson and his completely false computer models warning of millions of deaths … was not even faintly right. But the government is still wedded to the model. Ferguson predicted 40 thousand corona deaths in Sweden by May and 100 thousand by June, but it remained at 5,800 (December 2020) which, according to the Swedish authorities, is equivalent to a mild flu.”

As to the matter of fraud, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. accused Fauci of having “put $500 million of our dollars into [the COVID-19] vaccine. He owns half the patent … [and is] entitled to collect royalties from that.”

If Fauci and Big Pharma indeed devised the “panic for profit” scheme to make big money from COVID vaccines, this may be considered one of the greatest crimes of the century—a criminal act encompassing fraud, international infliction of damage and crimes against humanity.

The conservative print and digital magazine The New American headlined last Thursday, April 15, an article with the striking title “‘Responsible for Hundreds of Thousands of American Deaths’; Calls Mount for Accountability for Fauci and FDA’s Woodcock“.

That same day former Speaker Newt Gingrich wrote, “We are now in a crisis of American civilization fully as dangerous and real as the crisis of the US Civil War or World War II. During both those crises, if America had lost, it would have ceased to be America—and the cause of freedom around the world would have been dramatically weakened. Today, we face combined internal and external threats that are as great or greater. The threat to American civilization goes far beyond violence in the streets.”

We would add to Gingrich’s slate of “internal threats” the woke American CEOs funding Marxist organizations Black Lives Matter and antifa that burned and looted American businesses and cities last summer. These companies include UGG, Amazon, Pepsi Gatorade, Microsoft, Warner Records, Intel, Xbox, Microsoft Games and Nabisco. They must be held accountable, and Americans should be given the opportunity to express their outrage.

In funding revolution Fortune 500 companies behave as categorically hostile to America.

On a side note, The Daily Caller reported that Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors, a self-identified “trained Marxist” who traipses around the world claiming to practice the doctrines of socialism, has since 2016 deceivingly procured four homes across the U.S. for a total of $3.2 million.

“Wisdom is better than strength,” Solomon declared in Ecclesiastes 9:16b, to let it follow in 9:18a by “Wisdom is better than weapons of war.” Having forfeited the Judeo-Christian education system and culture bequeathed by America’s Founding Fathers in the 17th and 18th centuries, a model that produced men and women of character, equipping them to rule and “decree justice” (Prov. 8:15b), pagan America has now fallen on hard times as folly replaces wisdom in the public square.

Contemporary American Christendom with its emphasis on buildings, people and budgets as the yardstick of success, instead of Jesus’ criterion of “making disciples,” has generated a church unresolved to fight that is consequently easily overthrown. “Resolution in a weak man,” wrote Puritan clergyman and theologian Stephen Charnock (1628-1680), “will perform more than strength in a coward. The diligence of our spiritual enemies requires strong resolutions.”

Biblical wisdom, shrewdness, discretion, counsel, resourcefulness and heroic strength enable “kings to reign and rulers to decree justice.” The Hebrew word for “to decree” means “to fix, to determine.”

Having abandoned Jesus’ kingdom ekklesia assignment from Matthew 16:18, few in modern American Christendom have an understanding of how first to acquire and then to use the denominations of political currency in the public square, namely: 1) How many votes can you bring to the table, or 2) how much money can you bring that brings votes to the table?

Political know-how—like spiritual wisdom—has to be acquired, gained and developed. It is neither inherent nor inherited.

If current Christian leadership, with its focus on securing a subculture, lacks the propensity or capacity for the accruement and expenditure of political currency and resources in the public square, then evangelicals and pro-life Catholic Christians won’t be able to “decree justice” or to evoke action in the culture. Today’s seminaries appear unable to impact the culture according to Judeo-Christian principles, since they presently seem to hold Marxist-style social justice sacred.

Present-day America is in a deplorable state, brought about by religious secularism’s demolition of the once Judeo-Christian spiritual, intellectual, educational, economic and vocational virtues and values that made America the envy of the world for centuries.

America urgently needs any Gideons and Rahabs willing to stand. {eoa}

David Lane is the founder of the American Renewal Project.

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