A Woke Return to a Barbaric Medieval Practice


The heartless medieval practice of castrating little boy singers in order to preserve their prepubescent voices was horrifying. A boy singer thus maimed was called a “castrato.” How, we ask ourselves, could society, even in the so-called “Dark Ages,” ever have condoned such heartless mutilations for music’s sake?

One may be tempted to believe a few random boys were kidnapped by soulless criminals who unmanned them for a small but malignant minority of unprincipled opera impresarios. Nothing could be further from the truth. By the early 18th century, as many as 4,000 boys a year were castrated in the hopes they would become the kind of “castrati” who commanded huge salaries in opera or, as unthinkable as it is, in church choirs.

Who, you may well ask, supplied these thousands of poor little boys? Who were their kidnappers? There was no need for kidnappers. Out of greed and a lust for celebrity, parents had their own sons castrated to “save” their voices from normal hormonal development.

These castrated boys were not asked, or if they were it was manipulative, deceptive and coercive. Even if it was the child’s decision, how could a mere boy bedazzled by the hope of fame and fortune make a reasoned decision? How could the little fellow even understand the “surgery,” as a result of which, by the way, many died? Even more, how could he begin to comprehend its full consequence to his adult life? Of course, he couldn’t. His parents could have and should have protected him from his own ignorance and could have and should have shielded him from such dark medieval cruelty.

Now the Dark Ages are upon us again. Children, defenseless little boys and girls absolutely incapable of comprehending the consequences of such decisions, are now being “allowed” to choose puberty blockers, chemical castration and even surgery. In fact, they are being encouraged by the internet, by teachers and even by parents to make such catastrophic, anti-nature, life-altering decisions before they are capable of deciding whether to decline extra candy or risk a tummy ache.

As horrible as all that is, the next step down this unthinkable descent is worse, and it is more than predictable. It is inevitable. In fact, it is logical in a diabolical way.

If a child can make the decision to change his or her sex, then why should he or she be denied any other decision about sex? The next step is not emasculating little boys for the opera but for the beds of pedophiles. If an elementary school girl can decide her sex, who is to say she cannot also decide where and with whom to have sex?

Surely, enlightened nations will not let emotionally unformed children decide these things for themselves, right? The British Columbia (Canada) Health Services website states that if you are under 19, “the consent of your parent or guardian is recommended but not always necessary.”

The website for the Oregon State Health Service (Doernbecher Children’s Hospital) makes a case for early administration of childhood hormone blockers: “For example, if puberty blockers keep your breasts from developing, you would not need surgery to remove them later.” That is a direct appeal to impressionable, and I might add fearful, prepubescent children.

All this begs the question, why? Why would parents do this to their own children?

Not even the medieval parents who castrated their little boys for the sake of wealth and fame could have understood those who mutilate their children for the sake of being “woke.” Some say trust the families to make their own decisions. Nonsense. There are many kinds of “family decisions” that are and should be against the law.

States must act, and indeed several have. Others must follow suit. A nation that fails to protect its children, even from themselves and their parents, will purchase a nightmare future: darkness, depravity and permanently damaged children. {eoa}

Dr. Mark Rutland, the author of 18 books including David the Great, is the former president of two universities, Oral Roberts and Southeastern. He is also the founder of Global Servants. His website is DrMarkRutland.com.

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