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What if the blueprint for the temple, laid out in numerous places across the Bible depicted a clear understanding of how demons can affect the life of a Christian? The topic of whether a Christian can be demon possessed has been permeating social media channels with commentary in every direction.

I interviewed Alexander Pagani the author of “The Secret to Deliverance,” on my “Strang Report” podcast to talk about the word picture painted in the Bible. Most Christians don’t acknowledge that Satan is influencing them and their circumstances.

Pagani book image“A Christian cannot be demon-possessed, we are sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise, we have the earnest expectation of the Holy Spirit living on the inside and we are seated with Christ in heavenly places. So there is an enormous amount of Scriptures that say that we are in him or in Christ, it is impossible, the Christian is not demon-possessed,” Pagani clarifies.

The word picture Pagani uses to represent the bridge between demons influencing Christians’ lives are the rooms in a house.

In John 9 Jesus heals the man who was born blind. He spits in the dirt forming clay and rubs it over the man’s eyes. The Pharisees came to investigate the healing and criticized Jesus for not keeping the Sabbath day. Jesus asked them why they aren’t able to understand His speech. He then told them it was because there was no room in their heart.

“One day reading Mark 5, this question came to me. ‘Where does Legion go when it inhabits a human soul?'” Pagani says.

In 1 Kings chapter 6, Solomon builds the temple. There is the outer court, the holy place and the most holy place. “Then the next verse says Solomon also built a complex of rooms on three floors,” Pagani says.

The same pastor who was once closed off to the ministry of deliverance was getting revelation from God on that very topic. “I had a brief moment where I went through, as most pastors do, a struggle with the ministry and started to consider ‘maybe I’m done, I’m ready to quit,'” he says.

Pagani started reading material on deliverance from Derek Prince, and he sought out a pastor for deliverance in his own life. The power of desperation led him to a deliverance session. He was free from the demonic anger that was continually rising up in him affecting his ministry and family.

After that, “People started coming to the church asking for deliverance,” he says.

Knowing he needed to help other unbelieving pastors, he decided to write his book. “You don’t win your pastor over with experience, we want to see it in Scripture,” Pagani says.

When he read the vision Ezekiel had concerning the spiritual temple of Jerusalem, he saw another similar pattern. “Ezekiel chapters 42 through 45, those three chapters are dedicated to all three floors, and all the rooms, it actually even goes a step further and says that ‘I, Ezekiel, was shown a vision and I was shown the temple, and I saw three different floors and 30 rooms in each floor’,” Pagani says.

That started the revelation for him that a legion of demons could occupy those rooms.

“Schizophrenia and dissociative personality disorder potentially could be nothing more than the human being having issues in these three floors,” he says.

We know that the spiritual world is more real than the physical world that we see, yet humans tend to pay attention more to the physical. These word pictures are helpful to us to gain understanding.

There was a pastor in the Nashville area who was confronted by a manifestation of an evil spirit in his church and found “The Secrets to Deliverance,” written by Pagani. That pastor was Greg Locke, and he ended up releasing a documentary “Come Out in Jesus’ Name.”

The film has been very successful with two more air dates after Easter, on April 10th and 11th. I personally went to the theatre to watch the film and the powerful documentation of deliverance that has transpired in the last few years was opening the eyes and hearts of the people in the room.

After the film was over, there was a live stream with a mass deliverance. There have been numerous reports at theatres around the country where people were delivered and revival prayer meetings broke out.

In my upcoming book, “Spirit-Led Living in an Upside-Down World,” I dedicate an entire chapter to deliverance and my personal testimony of deliverance in college.

Tune in to the rest of the interview with Alexander Pagani here.

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