After-School Satan Clubs Continue to Plague Communities


The Satanic Temple continues to do its master’s bidding and is focusing on children.

Parental outrage ensued as the Northern York County School District permitted the Satanic Temple to host a back-to-school event at the Northern High School in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania.

The parents that are fighting back have an uphill battle ahead of them. The co-founder of the group, Lucien Greaves, is well-versed in making it seem like an innocent gathering and is just looking for representation.

“We don’t decry or begrudge anybody having a prayer event or anything like that,” he said. “It does become a problem, a serious problem, when you allow a back-to-school prayer event, but you don’t allow any other religious representation.”

Graves continued, “We’re talking about upholding fundamental pillars of democracy and the First Amendment.”

If there is one thing that Satan and his followers can do, and do well, it is corrupt and twist that which God has created.

This has been an ongoing battle against darkness as the Satanic Temple has tried to get start-up “After-School Satan Clubs” established for years, including at the Northern High School. They say that they’re “not interested in converting children to Satanism.”

In Acts 13:10 Paul speaks to a false prophet saying, “‘You son of the devil, enemy of all righteousness, full of deceit and of all fraud, will you not cease perverting the right ways of the Lord?'”

No, the enemy will not stop until the day of the Lord arrives. Thankfully, parents like Ashley Lynn Crider are standing up to the devil’s relentless attack on children. She shared the double-standard of the school district in an interview with “Fox & Friends First”:

“If they do a Bible study, the church has to pay to bus the students off of school grounds, and then they bring the students back,” Crider said. “We send our kids to school to get an education. Anything beyond that is home life or in your community.

“It doesn’t matter what any child believes, or their family believes … this is public school,” she continued. “We send our children to school to get an education, not for all this other stuff that is meant for outside of school.”

When Crider tried to bring this to the attention of the school board, she was silenced:

“They cut my mic off, I was mad,” Crider said. “They don’t address anything at those meetings … They’re just here like they’re to listen to everybody … so nothing’s ever addressed.”

These tactics are easily recognizable, because they have been transforming American culture for years. This is the same battle plan that kicked God out of schools, allowed the LGBTQ agenda in, replaced knowledge with ideology and love for your country with contempt.

Recently, the Florida primary saw parents vote in droves to protect their children from leftist indoctrination. The result, five school boards flipped and are now conservative. Notably, this includes the Miami-Dade school board which is now the largest school board in the country with a conservative majority.

Parents, Christians and conservatives of all backgrounds have power to fight against these principalities. Votes and voter turnout matter, God knew these battles would find believers and provided a way to combat the enemy’s assaults.

A news outlet should never tell a citizen who to vote for, simply pray, seek the Lord and vote with a foundation built on the Word of God. {eoa}

James Lasher is a Copy Editor for Charisma Media.


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