Assyrian-American UFC Fighter Praises Jesus in the Middle of the Ring


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After not fighting for over a year, Beneil Dariush picked up right where he left off in the Octagon.

Dariush defeated Mateusz Gamrot by unanimous decision marking his eighth victory in a row.

After securing the victory, Dariush gave an impassioned speech to his family and fellow Iranians who are suffering under the increased oppression of the Islamic regime ruling their country.

“I’m sorry Daniel but I got to take a minute, I need to dedicate this fight to my people in Iran,” he said. “I know you’re struggling; I know you’re fighting for freedom; I know it’s a tough struggle. I want you guys to know we’re praying for you and we love you.

“Let me tell you one more thing,” he added. “This might be the most important thing you’ll ever hear: there is true freedom, a freedom that no one can take from you in the name of Jesus Christ, the son of God. Don’t ever forget that. If you remember one thing I say, remember that.”

During the post-match interview, he was asked what he needed to do to get a shot at the title for his weight class.

He responded: “Here’s what I will tell you: My crown will come from my Lord and Savior. I don’t care if I have to win another 10 fights before I get this belt; I’ll do it.”

His message of hope and freedom in Jesus has been shared and viewed by millions worldwide as the desire for the truth grows stronger in people’s hearts.

Dariush is an outspoken Christian, and proudly displays that “Jesus [is] the way, the truth, and the life” on his Instagram account with 160,000 followers. He has engaged in many ministry opportunities outside of the ring including going on a mission’s trip to a Haitian orphanage.

Maximizing the reach that his celebrity has brought him, Dariush also speaks out publicly against the evils that come with embracing Marxism. He has been a guest on “The Candace Owens Podcast” as well as a guest speaker for groups such as the Patriot Academy founded by Rick Green.

As Dariush takes a stand for his King and celebrates the freedom he enjoys in the United States, Christians can hope and pray for more athletes and celebrities to be as bold and unflinching in their faith as he is. {eoa}

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James Lasher is a Copy Editor for Charisma Media.


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