Christian YouTuber Sees Heaven in Supernatural Encounter


What do believers do when they have a supernatural experience that others cannot connect with?

“I realized that there were a lot of unbelieving believers. And when I would tell people of my supernatural experiences, how I would see angels, how I left my body, and you know how I came back and I saw Jesus…Christians won’t believe me. But the non-believers would,” Bagnaschi says.

Bagnaschi says this deficit of faith in the Christian community comes from putting more of our trust in ministers than in what the Word of God says. In her own experience, Bagnaschi desired to have a supernatural encounter with the Lord, praying that she would have this opportunity to see heaven. As she began to lose hope after a year of praying for this kind of experience, Bagnaschi says God gave her insight into the miraculous.

“I’m laying in bed. Next thing I know, I sit out of my body,” Bagnaschi says. “It just felt like I just left a thin sheet of something [and] sat up out of my body. It was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had.”

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