Chuck Pierce Word: This is What’s Coming the Next Three Months


While many have heard of the month of Tammuz before as a time of mourning when the temple was destroyed and the Jews were banished from the land, it is also a time for us today to draw insight for what God may be preparing us for the days ahead.

“This month, there will be a war over the desire of your heart,” Pierce says. “Therefore, we have to understand that if we focus on our harvest ahead and see the path through that harvest field, we will be able to experience the desires of our heart.”

“The next three months will be our most difficult to maneuver,” he continues. “If you remain in Him and the peace of God around you, you’ll be able to make it into a greater harvest than you’ve ever known.”

Pierce reminds listeners that what repentance truly is, is the changing of your mind. Repentance goes much further than just expressing that you are sorry for doing something.

“It has a totally rewiring of your thought processes. And why we have to talk about repentance is nothing we should ever shy away from because it’s a gift. But it requires the whole person to press in to the One who made them and the only One that can really change them,” Pierce continues.

During this time of testing of the heart and mind, let us draw closer to Christ and seek His face. If repentance is needed, let us not fear of repenting to know God more and go deeper with Him.

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