Famous Comedian Drops Hollywood in Glenn Beck Interview


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Rob Schneider has made a resurgence in his career, and it’s not in comedy.

Once considered the sidekick in Adam Sandler movies, and scoring a few lead roles in films for himself, Schneider has emerged as a voice of reason among the Hollywood elites.

Glenn Beck hosted the comedian on his podcast, and viewers were amazed at how relatable and well-read Schneider came across.

The publics view of Rob was that he was just a funny-man comedian that did not bring much depth. He proved them wrong by giving an insightful and thought-out interview, explaining how he was willing to give up his entire career for his children. YouTube comments on Glenn Beck’s page expressed high praise and astonishment at Schneider’s interview.

“Are you willing to lose it all for what you believe? Glenn asked during the interview.

“Absolutely,” Schneider answered. “Because if we don’t have it, then we have nothing. … I don’t care about my career any more. I care about my children and the country that they’re going to live in,” he added.

“My hope is this. My hope is a beautiful story from a chaplain in England,” Schneider explained.

“When the American flyers came over in the early days of World War II … their friends were getting blown out of the sky. They would go over in the bombers and half would come back or two-thirds would come back … and there was one particularly awful week or two weeks where there was a very high percentage of these pilots getting blown out of the sky.”

“They went to the Air Force Chapel, and a pilot said ‘Our friends are dying. Why should we do this?’ […] The chaplain … said, ‘Humanity has come out of the dark ages. We’ve come out of where people get burned at the stake, people believe and people go along with this. There’s a darkness that we have come out of into more of an enlightened period, a freer period. […] This is a step back into that darkness. It is the darkest parts of humanity, and we need to stand up for that now. And that requires this.’ So, they all flew.”

The majority who actually watched the podcast praised Schneider for his stance on protecting the future and American ideals so his children can live free.

There were news outlets like Newsweek and those who did not agree with Schneider’s principals that attacked him and his career in response to the interview.

Schneider tweeted a response to the blowback:

This trend of celebrities standing up for American values, such as Christ Pratt, Tim Tebow, Stacey Dash, Jon Voight and others has an impact on society because of the scope of their reach.

God is known for using imperfect, flawed humans to carry a message that He wants His people to hear. The response to the interview shows that people are listening and hungry for a move of God. {eoa}

James Lasher is a Copy Editor for Charisma Media.


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