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From Chaos to Christ: ‘The Blind’ Reveals Robertson Family’s Restoration Miracle


More than a decade ago, “Duck Dynasty” graced our screens and became a household name, captivating audiences as one of the most popular reality shows on television between 2012 and 2017.

However, what many may be unaware of, as shared by family member Willie Robertson, is that the show almost never came to be. The Robertson family once teetered on the brink of implosion years before their television debut.

“The Blind,” a new movie which debuts in theaters Sept. 28, unfolds the tumultuous narrative of Phil and Kay Robertson’s early married life. It reveals how Phil, the “Duck Commander,” embraced a lifestyle of “sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll” and how his alcoholism led him to brush shoulders with the law and retreat into the woods to evade authorities.

But amidst the darkness, Jesus intervened and transformed Phil’s life. Today, Phil and Kay celebrate over 57 years of marriage, and the family unit, including Willie and his brothers Alan, Jase and Jep, stands stronger than ever, as the film beautifully portrays.

“In Christianity, we hold the belief that our past is forgiven and we can move forward,” Willie Robertson shared with Charisma News’ John Matarazzo during a recent interview. “It was undoubtedly challenging for Mom and Dad to revisit that chapter of their lives.

“It takes courage to make a movie about the darkest period of your life. However, they were willing to do it to ensure that anyone facing similar struggles has the chance to see that there is hope, redemption and the possibility for change when you surrender your life to the gospel.”

While “Duck Dynasty” primarily centered around Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the family, “The Blind” shifts its focus, honing in on his wife, Kay. The story showcases their resilience in turning a dire situation into a tale of faith and restoration. Through tumultuous times, Kay Robertson found the strength to forgive her husband and witnessed how God could redeem the seemingly irredeemable.

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Before her conversion to Christianity, Kay demonstrated the unconditional love that Jesus offers to sinners, patiently waiting for Phil to repent. Willie Robertson attributes his sense of humor to his mother, who maintained her joy through challenging circumstances.

“Mom always had a sense of fun, even during the darkest times when they weren’t yet believers. The movie beautifully captures this,” Willie says. “My own memories largely revolve around the times when they were faithful Christians and their marriage was strong. But for my mom, I am certain her sense of humor became a coping mechanism.

“It was not just because of the struggles they faced in their marriage but also because we were financially disadvantaged. She juggled managing everything, paying the bills and raising four boys in a small two-bedroom house by the river. We were lively boys, but she was exceptional,” Willie adds.

Korie Robertson, Willie’s wife, developed profound admiration for her mother-in-law during her years within the Robertson family. Korie affectionately regards Kay as a hero, and expressed gratitude for the filmmakers’ ability to portray that facet of her character.

Kay’s impact on Phil’s life, according to Willie, commenced with a significant family decision. Phil chose to distance himself from his wild friends and take his sons hunting, a momentous scene featured in the movie. This pivotal shift reveals Phil’s transformation from a self-centered lifestyle to one that prioritizes his family.

As Phil began crafting his famous duck calls, Willie notes that his hobby evolved into a successful business. This endeavor eventually led to the beloved television show, “Duck Dynasty,” transforming the Robertson’s into a global phenomenon.

“It’s truly incredible how God orchestrated everything, bringing us all together at precisely the right moment,” Willie marvels.

Willie Robertson encourages everyone to experience the film and discover that no one is ever too far gone for Jesus to redeem.

“I believe this movie possesses the real power of the gospel to transform lives,” Willie says. {eoa}

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Shawn A. Akers is the online editor at Charisma Media.


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