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Global Prophetic Summit 2023: Are You Ready for Your Breakthrough?


The 2023 Global Prophetic Summit was held last weekend at Trinity Church in Cedar Hill, Texas in South Dallas, and, as prophet Cindy Jacobs reported on her Instagram page, it was a “breathtaking journey.”

“All who gathered were immersed in a powerful fusion of prophecy and purpose, as global voices shared their divine insights,” the Instagram page read. “The atmosphere buzzed with spiritual energy, nurturing deep connections and revelations. Highlights included stirring messages and soulful worship sessions that left us not only captivated, but yearning for more revelations.”

The theme for this year’s conference was “Breakthrough for Your Reset,” and Jacobs said that GPS 2023 was “designed especially to see you receive a huge breakthrough in your life.”

Jacobs said on a Facebook video that more than 34 nations were present at the conference.

In the video, Jacobs proclaimed: “God is talking to us, guys! We’re receiving reports that people are praying all over the world. Satan should never have tried what he’s trying. God gave me a word in Jerusalem a week and a half before everything went down that terrorists would be coming and this would be a dark time for Israel. But, afterwards, God said He was going to pour out His Spirit. We all need to just pray into that and believe unto our God.”

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Prophet Chuck Pierce spoke Friday night and said, “I can’t think of a more intense time than what we’re living in right now. And yet, it’s an exciting time because we’re seeing certain things happen that need to happen. America is in a very interesting time; nations are in a very interesting time. Multitudes are in the valley of decision. What this coming year will be about is how are you going to bring heaven down into the atmosphere around you? God is saying to us what he said to John when it was time for a major change after he had evaluated all of the churches of the region for that particular time. He’s saying to us, ‘Come up here. I’m going to show you things that are to come.’

“So, when we are talking about this year is about a door, a gate. We’re going to have to go up to this door and through it. We’re going to have to gain a place of access that we’ve been given because the heavens are shifting around us. When the heavens are shifting around us, that means the earth is shifting around us.”

Among those who spoke at the annual GPS conference last week included Pierce, Jane Hamon, Che Ahn, James Goll, Lou Engle, Troy Brewer, Guillermo Maldanado, Katherine Ruonala, Becca Greenwood, Jennifer LeClaire, Ken Fish, Matt Sorger and many other prolific kingdom leaders who gave inspiring messages for the body of Christ. {eoa}

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Shawn A. Akers is the online editor at Charisma Media.


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