Greg Locke Reveals Groundbreaking Plans for Church


In a live Sunday morning Facebook stream, Pastor Greg Locke revealed the plans for a new building at Global Vision. After seeing his ministry explode in the past few years, meeting under a tent because of the influx of people coming to the church, he says it is now time to move into a new era.  

“This today is a teaser,” Locke says. “For four years we have seen the glory of God in this church in ways that most pastors would saw their right arm off to experience. So, we can never take it for granted. If God lifted it today, we’ll go down in the history books as one of the churches that has been a portal of the glory of God in this nation for the last few years.”

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Explaining the difference between having a visitation from God and experiencing God’s habitation in a dwelling place, Locke says there is a season for meeting in a tent to see God’s visitation and a time then for experiencing His long-term dwelling.

Through lots of prayer and fasting, Locke and the Global Vision Bible Church team came to the conclusion that it is time to move forward with completing a physical building.

“For the glory of God, in my hand are the temple plans,” Locke says. “I’m not going to open it, not going to go into a full time of submission and defining it, but after four years of visitation in a tent, we’ve taken the exact circumference of this building and drawn up plans.”

Locke says they will have the county review the plans for approval. Currently, the church is in compliance with parking codes, which leads him to believe there should be no issue with getting these plans approved.

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“It’s time to get rid of port-a-johns and get real indoor plumbing. It’s time to stop fretting every time the wind blows and a storm comes by…it’s time to get some actual heat and some actual air. It’s time to have rooms where GV kids can worship and meet, where GV Espanol can worship and meet,” Locke says.

Locke also went ahead and confronted anyone who may be doubting if this building project is possible.

“To the naysayers, it’ll happen quicker than you think it is,” Locke says. “God ain’t got time for no 10-year building program. We’ve got people to reach, we’ve got a Global Vision School of Ministry to launch this fall. We’ve got to have a place to house the habitation of the truth of God.”

As Global Vision continues to grow and expand, let’s pray that God would continue to use Pastor Locke and his staff to see miracles, signs and wonders abound.

You can watch Pastor Locke’s full sermon and announcement here.

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Abby Trivett is marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma.


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