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Since April 2021, Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour featuring General Michael Flynn, has been crisscrossing the country in effort to present truth on matters of health and freedom for Americans.

Traveling with them have been award-winning filmmakers, Joy and Matt Thayer, founders of Spero Pictures. Their task has been to capture the spirit and message of the tour to make it available for the many who were unable to attend the constantly sold-out events. The “Reawakening the Docuseries” will be available November 15,with advance sales currently underway offering unique benefits for those who pre-order which helps fund the project.

The Thayers’ explain their mission: “We believe we are heading into one of the most pivotal times in our nation’s history. That’s why we are hitting the road to capture the action first hand. Support our filmmaking journey as our family and team travel across America to capture this unfolding drama.”

The docu-series is an epic 4-part journey through the past, present and future, chronicling the story of the ReAwaken America Tour as patriots involved fight against Medical Tyranny, Election Fraud, Religious Fraud and the Great Reset.

The Thayers captured over 82 interviews including General Michael Flynn, Mike Lindell, Roger Stone, Patrick Byrne, Clay Clark, Vanessa Clark, Historian William Federer, MelK, Doug Billings, Anne Vandersteel, Dr. Doug Frank, Thomas Renz, Seth Keshel, Dr. Tenpenny, Dr. Simone Gold, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Senator Wendy Rogers, “The Professor” Dave Clements, Lance Wallnau, and many others. Viewers will enjoy the up close and personal connection of all those captured on film.

Traditional methods of funding film projects have required seeking financial support from the left-leaning media giants who work to suppress truth. In response, the Thayers’ are pioneering a new world of media, relying on crowd-funding methods, which Matt stated “Is like creating bullets without a gun.”

The Thayers may be entering a new world of media, but they are not new to filmmaking. One of their more recent projects is a documentary from those who have personal relationship with President Trump—a DVD titled “The Trump I Know.” This offers the same kind of candid and personal interviews we are to expect from the ReAwakening Docuseries, allowing viewers to get an insider’s glimpse of the individuals interviewed and gain an understanding about the impact of the tour.

When asked what they consider to be the heartbeat of the docu-series they said they wanted people to consider the question What if God is real? “If God is real,” Matt explained, “then we must pay attention to what He says. Since the purpose of the tour is to provide people truth, we knew we had to document evidence of the ultimate truth—the existence of God and the importance for us to know His plans.” Consistent, with each and every tour stop, there has been tremendous evidence of the existence of God experienced with personal testimonies, compelling preaching, and even prophecy concerning God’s plans for America.

The ReAwaken America Tour began in Tulsa, Oklahoma in April 2021, as a health and freedom conference which Clark thought would be a single event. However, the reception of the conference was so strong that a tour was established with stops in Tampa Bay, Florida in June; Anaheim, California in July and; Grand Rapids, Michigan in August and Colorado Springs, Colorado in September. The next event is scheduled for November 11th-13th in San Antonio Texas, which at the time of writing this article is 99% sold-out.

This tour stop is unique compared to the others in that Ft. Mikki Willis will be presenting what is called “Courage-19 Awards” that recognize significant courageous contributions for truth and freedom by everyday Americans to help promote these values during the oppressive management of COVID-19. Additionally, the docu-series will be launched with teaser segments from the series projected on the big screen for the audience to see.

“One of the objectives in producing this documentary film, is to demonstrate the unity Americans have because of our nation being established based on Judeo-Christian values. Not everyone who presented at these stops was Christian. However, every presenter and all attended hold in common the belief that our nation was established under God, and in promotion of our unalienable God-given rights and freedoms,” Joy offered.

Charisma Media will be making the docu-series available to purchase or rent on their free Charisma Plus platform, a powerful digital multimedia platform that delivers inspiring content empowered by the Holy Spirit in an easy to use and interactive way. Reawakening The docu-series, will be the premier film for the entire line of films Charisma Plus plans to make available for subscribers.

Individuals can also pre-order DVD’s from the website. All pre-order packages include a free access to “The Trump I Know” DVD, and entrance for a chance to win 2 VIP tickets to the ReAwaken America Tour with a backstage pass to meet General Michael Flynn and the other speakers (a $1,000.00 value). Visit the web site to learn more.

To learn more about the on-going ReAwaken America Tour, visit timetofreeamerica.com. Another tour stop is planned this year for Dallas Texas, December 10-12 and kicking off 2022 will be the Phoenix, Arizona stop on January 14-15. {eoa}

Pamela Christian is an ordained international minister with an honorary doctorate in divinity, a speaker/teacher, and award-winning author of her book series, “Faith to Live By. She hosts a weekly podcast also called “Faith to Live By” on Charisma Podcast Network. As a charismatic apologist, Pam’s passion is to help people discover and live in life-giving truth to gain spiritual victory over life’s issues. Hear her podcast by clicking here. Her main website is PamelaChristianMinistries.com, where you can learn more about the various aspects of ministry she offers.

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