How to Break the Curse of ‘I Don’t Know’


Every single one of us understands what it’s like to not know something. However, the phrase “I don’t know” has been used time and time again as an actual excuse to ignore and run away from making wise decisions.

In his wisdom sermon series, Apostle Alexander Pagani confronted the issues that arise when people refuse to seek out discernment and how Christians should approach the topic of knowledge.

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“A sword that is not sharpened ends up becoming a dull sword,” Pagani says. “And the Book of Ecclesiastes says, ‘A sword that is dull you have to work extra hard.’”

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Pagani points out that we as a people hate knowledge. However, knowledge does not automatically equate to something negative. While pride will warp the purpose of knowledge, learning and wisdom have great biblical implications.

“The Book of Hosea says this: we hate knowledge,” Pagani says. “Notice how God [doesn’t] say ‘My people perish for lack of anointing.’ Notice how God [doesn’t] say ‘my people perish for false prophecy and warlock.’ Notice how God doesn’t say, ‘My people perish because of the spirit of Jezebel and mermaid spirit. No, no no—God said, ‘My people perish for lack of knowledge.’”

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Pagani says it is knowledge of who God is and how the Holy Spirit works that helps us increase in our strength. It is the willingness to learn and grow with the Lord that ultimately transforms our relationship with Him and the world around us for the best.

“You could be wise and deep, but if you don’t always be in a place of learning and increasing in knowledge, you won’t be strong,” says Pagani.

So, what then is the key to growing in strength and knowledge of the Lord?

“You’ve got to read that Bible,” Pagani says. “Once you start increasing in knowledge, see, you become strong.”

In order to grow and get out of a place of being stuck on life’s “I don’t knows,” the best thing any of us can do is be open to how God wants to teach us through His Word. By studying and praying the Scriptures, God will build you up be the person He created you to become.

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Abby Trivett is content development editor for Charisma Media.


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