Jonathan Cahn: A Hopeful Word for Your Independence Day


“We also become joined to things that are not good,” Cahn says. “Entangled, dependent, bound and the Scripture says, ‘cast off that sin that so easily entangles you.’”

While we would like to think that most people are good, that’s just not the case. Every single one of us is born a slave to sin. We all need freedom from the things that hold us back and try to take away God’s place as first in our lives.

“They realized the price, the cost, and came to the point of saying, ‘the cost of being with Britain is not worth it. The price is not worth it. The tax is not worth it.’ So with sin, with bondage, with habit. If you would be free of that thing or that unhealthy thing or whatever that thing is you have to come to the point where you realize it’s not worth it. The cost of that sin in your life is not worth it,” Cahn says.


In order to find freedom, it means taking a risk. To get out of bondage means to stand up to the thing that has been holding you down.

“They came to that absolute point of saying, ‘no matter what, we’re out of the old. No matter what, we’re out of that bondage,’” Cahn says.

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