Jonathan Cahn Requests Prayer During Intense Spiritual Warfare


Prophetic voice and New York Times best-selling author Rabbi Jonathan Cahn is requesting prayer from the body of Christ as he faces unprecedented spiritual warfare during the release of his latest book, “The Dragon’s Prophecy.”

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“Please keep me in prayer, my family, the ministry, everything else and especially pray that God powerfully uses the book,” Cahn says in his latest video.

“Apparently, the enemy is not happy at all with ‘The Dragon’s Prophecy,’ which is what we’d expect. This is a great sign. It’s a sign that I believe it’s going to be real powerful because the enemy doesn’t waste his energy. The more he attacks, the more powerful it’s going to be.”

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Cahn says that throughout the process of writing “The Dragon’s Prophecy,” he’s encountered attack after attack from the enemy. In fact, the attacks he has specifically faced have been taken straight out of his own book and used against him.

First, Cahn found himself writing about how the enemy comes in like a flood. After spending time talking about this tactic of the devil, his very own church building experienced a flood.

“Our building becomes an island. Finally, the flood subsides. Right after it subsides, a second flood comes, cuts off the street, comes up to the building…a few days later a third flood comes,” Cahn says.

Not only did Cahn’s church, Beth-Israel, experience major flooding three times, but they also had an encounter with thieves as well.

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These attacks against Cahn and his church come at a time when his book is skyrocketing charts, months even before its release.

“When I announced this book on this channel a little while back, your response to pre-order it was so great that it actually made ‘The Dragon’s Prophecy’ a best-seller before it was even finished, before it technically existed,” Cahn says.

“The Dragon’s Prophecy” is currently the no. 1 book on Amazon in Church and State Religious Studies. In this latest book, Cahn answers questions relating to Israel and the end times.

As we continue to pray for Cahn during the immense spiritual warfare he’s experienced, we can also lift up this latest project, that God would use it for his glory and for many to hear the message of the gospel.

You can pre-order Jonathan Cahn’s “The Dragon’s Prophecy” by visiting

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Abby Trivett is content development editor for Charisma Media.


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