Man Claims to Visit Heaven, Met Jesus During Near-Death Experience: ‘I Was a Walking Dead Man’


Randy Kay’s “afterlife” experience still leaves him visibly emotional as he recounts visiting heaven, meeting Jesus and returning to share his harrowing journey.

Kay, author of “Heaven Stormed: A Heavenly Encounter Reveals Your Assignment in the End Time Outpouring and Tribulation,” told CBN News he was once a denier of near-death experience claims—until he faced his own purported heaven journey.

“I would have said, ‘You know … they may have believed that they had that experience, but that the mind can play tricks, essentially,'” he said. “You know, some of them, I would say, were looking for attention.”

But Kay now holds a very different view, recognizing that people sometimes sacrifice their careers and success when they share these stories—journeys that the masses don’t always receive or believe.

It’s no secret there’s debate about heaven visitation stories, which can make it difficult to be open, honest and candid.

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“This is not the type of attention that somebody who has been a physician, or an executive, or somebody who has gained some modicum of recognition in the world would want,” Kay says.

He recalled his own afterlife experience, which began with a sore calf, something he initially ignored. At first, he thought it was a strained muscle, but, when his calf swelled during a bike ride, he knew something else was happening.

“I was able to make it back home and then went to the doctor to get an anti-inflammatory prescription, and, lo and behold, when I pressed my heel into the floor as the doctor had suggested, I collapsed,” Kay said. “And I was rushed to the emergency room.”

It turns out, the pain and swelling were due to seven blood clots that had formed. He then contracted Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), a drug-resistant bacteria.

“The doctor said I was a walking dead man,” Kay said. “And then the septic shock [that] entered into my body caused a traffic jam in my vessels, my vascular system.”

The chaos landed Kay in a dire situation—one that he believes sent him to heaven.

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“Everything went dark initially, and the next moment of recall, I was looking down on my body,” he said. “I was being pulled by this light. I know that sounds cliché almost, but it’s absolutely true.”

Kay continued, “I was in a kind of very vague, ethereal space initially where I saw these figures in front of me, and they were warring against each other. There’s no other way of putting it.”

After his return from his after-death experience, Kay came to believe these scenes allowed him to see spiritual warfare very literally play out.

Regardless of whether people choose to believe the heaven portions of his story, one detail is definitively true: Kay’s physical body was dead during this experience, making these memories and claims quite fascinating.

“My heart had stopped,” he said, noting hospital records indicate he was clinically dead for 30 minutes and 49 seconds.

To read the full story, visit our content partners at CBN News.

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