‘Ms. Rachel’ and ‘Sesame Street’ Celebrate Pride Month


There is a spiritual assignment against our children right now.

Content creator Ms. Rachel is known for producing videos that parents have flocked to for their babies and toddler-aged children. However, Ms. Rachel, whose full name is Rachel Accurso, has made it clear that she is all in for pride and would prefer if her conservative viewers simply didn’t look at her videos anymore.

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“Happy pride to all of our wonderful families and friends,” Accurso says in a TikTok video wearing a rainbow-colored button down. “This month and every month I celebrate you. I’m so glad you’re here, exactly who you are, to those who are going to comment they can’t watch the show anymore because of this support, no worries and much love your way. God bless.”

Accurso further goes on to say that she isn’t chasing the spotlight.

“I am not chasing fame or views. I’m standing strong in love,” Accurso says.

This comes as Accurso has also invited transgender creator Dylan Mulvaney to join her on her show.

“Sometime when you’re in NYC you should be on our show, Song for Littles! We love you and your singing,” a comment Accurso wrote on Mulvaney’s content.

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Accurso further created a video discussing why she believes her Christian faith prompts her toward solidarity with the LGBTQ community.

“I’ve shared prayers on here before and said, ‘God bless’ and that’s because my faith is really important to me,” Accurso says. “And its also one reason why I love every neighbor.”

Accurso states that loving your neighbor as written in Matthew 22 includes loving all people, not just a few.

“So yes, everyone belongs, everyone’s welcome. Everyone is treated with empathy and respect. It doesn’t say love every neighbor except,” Accurso says. “There are so many reasons I stand strong in love. I stand with everyone.”

Accurso isn’t the only major children’s content star this year to come out in solidarity with pride month. Beloved Sesame Street made an X post celebrating pride month using the different colors of the rainbow that resembled puppet fur.

“Happy #PrideMonth from Sesame Street! Today and every day, we celebrate and uplift the LGBTQIA+ members of our community. Together, let’s build a world where every person and family feels loved and welcomed for who they are,” the post read.

God loves all, but He does not love sin. Pride is where we see the branches of sin grow from. Instead of celebrating the sin, let’s share the truth of how much God loves the world that He really would give His one and only Son for the entire world. It’s once we come to know the Son that we can experience true love and freedom, by walking out of sin and turning to His ways.

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Abby Trivett is a content development editor for Charisma Media.


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