‘The Chosen’ Gives Season 4 Release Update: ‘Very Soon’


Fans of “The Chosen” won’t have to wait much longer to see the return of their favorite show about Jesus.

In a video update to viewers, creator of “The Chosen,” Dallas Jenkins told audiences that the release of season 4 would be ‘very soon.’

“I am going to give you the ‘when’ of season four, and I can now add ‘very’ to ‘soon,’” Jenkins said.

Jenkins’ announced that episode 1 of season 4 will be coming to viewers this coming Sunday, May 2, at 7:00 p.m. EST. Episode 2 will follow with a release of next Thursday at 8:30 p.m. EST.

“Episodes will release on Sundays and Thursdays for the next month,” Jenkins said.

As of right now, the latest episodes of “The Chosen” will only be available through the app or on DVD.

“In the short term, season 4 will only be available in ‘The Chosen’ app or on DVD. This Sunday night, episode 1 will launch as a livestream on the social media pages and ‘The Chosen’ app. Then it will be available in ‘The Chosen’ app exclusively for a window of time,” Jenkins said.

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“To be clear, if you want to watch ‘The Chosen’ season 4 over the next month, you either need to watch our live streams, watch it via streaming in ‘The Chosen’ app or order our season 4 DVD in our gift store which will allow you to binge all eight episodes at once,” Jenkins continued.

Jenkins further assured viewers that the app is completely free, and can be found also on Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku and Google TV.

This announcement of the season 4 release comes after a streaming delay earlier this year as “The Chosen” and Angel Studios have since effectively ended their partnership.

Jenkins recapped how he became acquainted with Angel Studios. Jenkins says at the time, Angel Studios was known as Vid Angel and they were looking for new projects to grow their platform. Jenkins had just created his short film, “The Shepherd,” and had come up with the idea to make a show about Jesus.  

“I came up with the idea for a multi-season show about Jesus and His followers,” Jenkins said. “That short film [The Shepherd] got in the hands of a company which at the time was called Vid Angel and they were looking for new projects to expand their platform. Neil and Jeffery Harmon ran Vid Angel, and when they heard my idea for the show, they were very emotional and they said we want to do it, and we want this to be our signature show that launches our original content initiatives.”

Jenkins said that while the initial idea of crowd-funding to raise money left him feeling defeated, it was the Harmon brothers’ belief that “The Chosen” would change the world that helped him to stick with the project. The show has since been viewed all over the globe. However, coming up with the necessary funds for producing a television show have still proved to be more difficult than anyone may have thought.

“Of your pay it forward contributions, less than half of it actually came to us. It was somewhere around 40%,” Jenkins said. “The rest went to marketing and Angel Studios.”

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Jenkins pointed out that while this model may work for a one-time movie event, it gave little room for “The Chosen” to raise the necessary funds for creating a multi-season event. As “The Chosen” grew as a company, with full time employees, human resource departments and more, their goal to raise funds became even more critical to their survival.

In 2022, the partnership with Angel Studios shifted so “The Chosen” could include the Come and See nonprofit to help with the funding of the show. However, Jenkins said that part of the reason why they have been in a legal contention with Angel Studios is because they breached their agreement.

“Our contention is that shortly after the agreement, Angel Studios breached our contract on multiple occasions to the extent that we believed should be terminated which would dissolve our relationship with Angel,” Jenkins said.

“Angel of course disagrees with that assessment and ultimately the only way to solve the dispute was to exercise the provision in the contract where we engaged a third-party arbitrator,” Jenkins continued.

The arbitrator gave the decision on May 28 that Angel Studios had breached their contract. The relationship between Angel Studios and “The Chosen” is now effectively over.

Despite the legal situations surrounding the relationship between “The Chosen” and Angel Studios, Jenkins contends that what happened was not a lawsuit and the goal was to solve the issue in a biblical manner. He says he is grateful for the relationship they had with Angel Studios and gives them significant credit for helping to launch “The Chosen.”

“I want to thank Angel and the Harmon brothers for their extraordinary efforts in helping launch this show,” Jenkins said.

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Abby Trivett is content development editor for Charisma Media.


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