The Danger of Freemasonry in the Church


Recently, Pastor Billy Crone joined Charisma Media to give a deep dive into the spiritual warfare that the church is engaged in today.

Far too many people are either ignorant or unwilling to discuss the forces of Satan targeting Christianity, Crone says, but these are topics that leadership must teach for members to be educated on what exactly they are facing. Because, as Crone explains, these occult groups are working to overthrow the biblical doctrine God established in His Word for occultic practices.

“A lot of people, even Christians, have heard of Freemasonry,” Crone explains, showcasing how expertly Freemasonry has hidden its true agenda within the church.

“They [society] just think it’s a good-old-boys club. No, it’s not. It’s an occult, secret society.”

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One of the driving forces Freemasonry supports is the denial of Jesus Christ as being the only way to the Father, as Crone exposes, thereby condemning followers to an eternity separated from their Creator in hell.

“They believe in a pluralistic deity. They believe in universalism, that all paths will eventually get you to,” Crone says.

“They don’t call it heaven. They call it the Grand Lodge in the sky. It’s a workspace false gospel. No different than trying to earn your way to heaven as a Mormon or Jehovah’s Witnesses,” he continues.

While there are many aspects of Freemasonry which mimic the Christian church, such as different “denominations” like the Shriners, Crone warns that each group will eventually lead you to a false god, not Jesus.

“The interesting thing about Shriners is at one point as a Shriner, you have to, and this is in print, it’s on video…it’s not a conspiracy theory, you have to pledge obedience, and allegiance to the god of Islam, Allah and Muhammad as your prophet,” Crone reveals.

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At the pinnacle of all of these cult followings however, Crone shares that the entity waiting for every member is none other than the enemy of God.

“When you get up into the different degrees, you know, upward to the ‘I want to make it to the 32nd, 33rd degree,’ up to the very top, that’s when they dropped the bomb on you and that this spirit, they’re really worshipping is Lucifer,” Crone says.

With a world in turmoil, the only hope for any of us is Jesus Christ. And that, Crone says, is the very reason Satan is trying to deceive as many as possible away from their hope.

“Jesus Christ is the only way out of this mess,” Crone explains. “And so, what he’s [Satan] been doing, ever since [creation], he’s inventing as many different false paths as he can: different religions, new religions, latest religion, and just to cloud the issue to hopefully get people off the one and only way out of this mess. Freemasonry is just another one.”

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.


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