Troy Black

Troy Black’s Prophetic Warning on Witchcraft in the Church


Troy Black’s prophetic warning on witchcraft in the church hits closer to home than you might think.

There is not one place on this earth that the enemy does not try to take advantage of in order to kill, steal from and destroy God’s people. So, why do we believe that he will never try to hide within the four walls of the church?

In a recent prophetic word, Troy Black exposed how the enemy is hiding within the church and the deceptions he is trying to implement within this space. However, God sees all things, and He is getting ready to shine His light on these dangerous players.

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“I’m replacing these ‘members’ with members of My own; those who are willing to love one another with a supernatural love more than themselves, thinking of others more than themselves.” Black prophesied.

Does this mean that there are people within the church who are practicing witchcraft? Unfortunately, yes. This could be one example of Jesus needing to separate the sheep and the goats from one another.

As Black points out, God is not replacing these people with those who are the most qualified or who are the most well-versed in their background knowledge of biblical principles and history.

“God is saying, ‘I’m raising up leaders that have fallen madly in love with Me, and that all they care about is loving Me and loving people. They may be the lowest of the low, but you’re going to see them rise to the top in this season because that’s what the world desperately needs and those are the ones I’m putting out front,'” Black prophesied.

Not only is the Lord going to shift around leadership to secure that those in charge are madly in love with Him instead of the world, but there is one particular member of the Christian mainstream media He has in mind that desperately needs prayer so they do not fall to the deceptions of control and witchcraft.

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“Right at the moment who is teetering on the fence between My kingdom and the kingdom of this world,” Black prophesied. “He’s mixing together two separate realms…but I will bring him to glory as he caves to My grace.”

While Black did not reveal the name of the person in this predicament, he called Christians to pray for this person so that he would fully surrender to the grace of God. This comes full circle back to the ultimate grace and love that the heavenly Father wants not only this one person to experience, but that He desires for each and every one of us to have.

“This is freedom: to know and enjoy the One who saved you. Nothing can satisfy a part from My glory in your life,” Black prophesied.

God always exposes darkness, and this is something He will continue to do as He draws in people with His pure, overwhelming love. {eoa}

Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.


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