Tucker Carlson: Demons Are Here but Revival is Coming


There is a change happening in American society, and conservative voice Tucker Carlson believes this shift starts in the spiritual realm.

Many have been surprised at the topical change in Carlson since his ousting from Fox News, from his America First stance and rumors of a potential position in the Trump administration should Donald Trump be elected president again, to his unexpected attacks on Israel in the midst of the Gaza War.

Yet in recent months, Carlson has been pointing his audience to the spiritual as a root cause to the evil that we are witnessing around the world, and this evil holds an anti-human agenda.

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Carlson opened up even more on this topic on a recent episode of the Shawn Ryan podcast, hosted by the former Navy Seal.

“If you see a human movement that’s anti-human,” Carlson says. “The push toward nuclear war for its own sake is, by definition, anti-human. I would say AI is anti-human, by definition. Transgenderism is anti-human, by definition. Transhumanism is anti-human. Do people act against their own long-term interest? Probably not, actually, so it’s probably not human.

“Did dogs act against their own collective interest? Do caribou? Do porcupines? Do single-cell amoeba? Do sea cucumbers? No, none of them do. No animal does that, because it’s not natural. Animals are part of nature, they do natural things. People are subject to the supernatural, so they do things that are not natural, like kill themselves.”

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As the two discussed supernatural occurrences actually being demonic forces, such as UFO/UAPs, Nephilim and others, Carlson sees hope in the future for America.

“I don’t have too many great insights into things or prophetic feelings,” Carlson shares. “I’m very conventional, but the one thing that I really felt strongly a couple of years ago—really strongly, I felt it overwhelmingly like from outside me—was that there’s some form of religious revival coming. I felt that really strongly.”

Many prophetic voices have echoed the same thing, and America is seeing such an occurrence with the explosion of baptisms happening at places such as college campuses across the country.

We pray this trend of spiritual awakening continues, and that new believers are discipled in the Word of God so that they may edify and strengthen themselves against the attacks of the enemy.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.


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