Tucker Carlson on the Spiritual Realm Coming to Life in America Today


Tucker Carlson is taking note of the spiritual realm working in America today.

The media commentator and journalist has best been known for his unashamed conservative values. However, ever since leaving Fox News Carlson’s insight into the supernatural and faith has grown as he speaks out about it even more.

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On a podcast with the Shawn Ryan Show, Carlson pointed out that the depth and amount of discussion about spiritual forces today is much more than it was just five years ago.

“All of a sudden in the last few years, just random, sort of normal secular American people are like, ‘you know, I was praying about that,’ or ‘I think God’s doing this,’” Carlson says. “There’s something going on, and of course, that’s the way God works…clearly, we’re under oppression of evil. Not just the Biden administration, which is just a manifestation of it, but there’s something way bigger trying to hurt people for the sake of hurting people.”

Carlson says that Christians are the ones who are not surprised by the chaos happening in our world today. On the contrary, it is Christians who are less shocked about the direction that America is currently heading toward.

“I will say this about the Christians; to their credit, they’re not shocked at all,” Carlson says.

Carlson also believes that our reliance on artificial intelligence for our future is leading to an unsustainable place for both our power grid and for a self-sufficient people.

“Personally, I think it’s spiritual,” Carlson says.

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“The real struggles are unseen. That is absolutely a part of Christian theology,” he continues.

Carlson further says that while many of the rich and famous in America may be opposed to Christianity, he believes it is Christians who truly can decipher what is happening in the world around us.

“What I didn’t know was that they’re only wise people. They’re the only ones who know what’s up, and that they’re just like way smarter than everybody,” says Carlson.

Carlson also believes that although we have seen all kinds of church secrets and scandals break out, the truth of Christianity is growing “in power.”

As we celebrate our freedom in America, let’s also cling tight to the truth of the Gospel as our nation continues to battle with spiritual darkness. Pray for revival and for the Holy Spirit to overflow all across the United States.

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Abby Trivett is content development editor for Charisma Media.


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