Untangle Common Lies With Bible Truth


I was asked recently what gets the credit for my success in ministry. My answer was “Money is the root of all evil.”

I could tell the person who asked me the question didn’t understand my answer, and when I answered the question that way, I didn’t expect them to understand—at least, not completely. 

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I continued explaining, just as I will do here. As a young person in synagogue, my rabbi taught me to ask questions. Because I was taught to ask questions, I ended up becoming agnostic for some time. 

Also because I asked questions, I ultimately found Yeshua within the Judaism I had questioned so strongly. My questions led me to other questions, which led me to other questions. Many of these were caused by lies I had been taught in synagogue, and later in church. I know the word “lies” is a strong word to use to describe what others taught me, but it is also accurate. 

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Let me provide just a few examples of the lies I heard through the years, starting with the one above. I heard: “Money is the root of all evil,” “There were two of each type of animal in Noah’s ark,” “Noah’s flood lasted 40 days and 40 nights,” “Paul fell off his horse when the light shined from heaven,” “Eve and Adam ate an apple,” “There were three wise men” and “Bathsheba was sunbathing when King David saw her.” 

I could continue to list hundreds more lies I was taught in synagogue and church over the years, each one by well-meaning people who did not mean to lie. They weren’t lying because they wanted to lie; they were lying because they were attempting to share what they believed to be true.

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