Voddie Baucham Warns of Imminent Divine Judgment


Pastor Voddie Baucham addressed the cultural state of America during a sermon at Lamar Baptist Church near Dallas, cautioning that widespread sexual immorality signifies divine judgment. Baucham urged fellow Christians to seek revival while bracing for persecution.

Baucham’s sermon drew from Romans 1, emphasizing the apostle Paul’s message about the wrath of God manifesting through humanity’s sexual depravity and a debased mind. Quoting Romans 1:16, he highlighted the power of the gospel as the foundation for addressing these issues: “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.”

“We start with the reality of the gospel and our need for the gospel,” Baucham says, stressing that society is in dire need of repentance and faith. He lamented the current cultural climate, where wickedness is often portrayed as good, alienating people from their only hope.

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Expounding on his book, “It’s Not Like Being Black: How Sexual Activists Hijacked the Civil Rights Movement,” Baucham criticized the celebration of Pride Month, dubbing it “pride goes before destruction month.” He outlined a “four-stage devolution” of an evil culture, starting with the denial of God, which leads to general sexual immorality, as seen during the Sexual Revolution.

“Long before we got to the alphabet, we had a Sexual Revolution,” he said, referencing modern LGBTQ+ movements. Baucham linked the rise of contraceptives, abortion and fatherlessness to this societal shift.

Baucham further warned of “dishonorable passions” as the next stage of divine judgment, suggesting today’s society experiences unprecedented levels of such passions. He critiqued the prevalent sexualization of children, facilitated by unrestricted access to pornography through smartphones.

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“We’ve got a generation of people who’ve been raised with sexual material, who have been raised with libertine views toward sex,” Baucham says, noting the detrimental impact on young people’s ability to enjoy healthy sexual relationships in marriage.

He also criticized “willing Christians” who accommodate sexual sin as an identity, asserting that rampant transgenderism and the potential normalization of pedophilia are consequences of societal depravity.

Despite the grim outlook, Baucham emphasized that the gospel remains the Good News and the only hope. He called on Christians to prepare for suffering and to deny themselves in the pursuit of faith.

“We have to be ready and willing to endure the suffering that will inevitably come,” he says. Baucham implored Christians to action by urging prayers for revival amid what he perceives as ongoing divine judgment. “Plead with Him for His mercy. Plead with Him that all would not be lost.”

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.


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