What Christians Need to Know About Dinosaurs and Faith


For years, people have wondered what exactly happened to the dinosaurs. On top of that, some debate the probability of the existence of dinosaurs altogether. Yet, what if there’s a possible, biblical explanation as to why these creatures disappeared?

“Dinosaur came from two Greek words; ‘denos’ and ‘sorus’ which means ‘terrible lizard,’” Ham says.

When we think of dinosaurs, we tend to think of massive beasts too great for humans to kill. The discussion of dinosaurs have left some Christians saying it’s impossible for them to have existed, and for others, they have been a reason used to not believe in the Bible at all. However, these “terrible lizards” can and do complement Scripture.

“A lot of Christians say, ‘How do you fit dinosaurs into the Bible?’ Well, you don’t do that. We’ve got to start with God’s Word because we have a revelation given to us from God and in Genesis 1 to 11 that is the foundational history for everything to understand the origin of all the basic entities of life in the universe,” Ham says.

Ham reminds us that the dinosaurs would have fallen under the same category of being created by God on the sixth day like any other animal. Ham believes there would have been at least a thousand different types of animals that would have needed to fit onto the ark.

“They came off the ark after the flood. Those that were drowned during the flood, some of them were turned into fossils,” Ham says.

Ham says that while many will disagree with him, the world’s climate would have been altered following the flood. It’s quite possible that what happened with the dinosaurs has to do with these changes over the years.

“There’s no real mystery when you start from God’s Word and build a biblical worldview to understand dinosaurs,” Ham says.

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