What’s Holding You Back From Breakthrough?


Does it feel like you are close to a breakthrough but just can’t seem to get there?

In one of his latest livestreams, Isaiah Saldivar uncovered how our actions can impact other people, including when it comes to their breakthroughs.

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Saldivar points out that God desires a people who are willing to follow Him and do all that He calls us to do, including preaching the gospel and helping those around us become free from bondage.

“The Lord says this in Ezekiel 22,” Saldivar quotes, “I look for someone who might rebuild the wall of righteousness and guard the land. I look for somebody that would stand in the gap, stand on the wall so I wouldn’t destroy the land…and the Lord says, ‘I found no one.’”

Whether we respond to God’s call or not makes a dramatic difference on the lives of other people around us. God can use us to change the trajectories of other people’s paths.

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“Do you understand that your walk with God matters, that it holds back the fury and fire and the judgment of God?” Saldivar asks.

“The devil has lied to us for so long that our obedience only affects us. Do you think that my obedience only affects me?” Saldivar continues. “Their breakthrough is connected to your obedience. Everybody’s connected. There’s a trickle effect here.”

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He notes that God wants to use us all. Through our obedience, we have no idea how many people God will bring into His Kingdom and how many lives we will see transformed. Living for the Lord completely in both the private and public eye is part of this obedience, something we are seeing becoming more and more critical for the future health of the body of Christ.

“We’re living in a time where so many people are playing church. Thousands [are] fooling everyone, but not fooling God,” Saldivar says.

He believes we can see this from the number of pastors we see being exposed for what their private lives actually look like.

“Look at all of these pastors. Guys, it’s so sad that they’re on stage and they’re public successes, but they’re private failures because they have sin going on. They have sin going on in their secret life, they have abuse going on that they’ve hidden for years,” Saldivar says.

Perhaps the first step, then, to breakthrough is to live a holy and righteous life before the Lord so that we can be used in supernatural, special ways by Him.  

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Abby Trivett is content development editor for Charisma Media.


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