Why You May Be Grieving the Holy Spirit


I felt in my spirit today that many are stuck in justification of their sinful choices. They may say, “Oh, this unequally yoked relationship is OK.” Or, “It’s OK to sleep around” or “It’s OK to look at this or look at that with lust in our hearts.”

It is not OK. It grieves our heavenly Father because of the effects of sin. It is like a tumor that grows in the soul. If you don’t get rid of sin, if you don’t confess it, repent of it and renounce it, that sin grows in your soul like a cancer.

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The more you hate your sin and confess it, the more access you offer the Holy Spirit. You’re giving Him something to work with.

The Good News is that Jesus already provided forgiveness for our transgressions and sins at the cross. If we diminish the power of sin, acting as if it is not a big deal, we are actually diminishing the power of the price He paid for sin.

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