Top of the Week: KFC Quiet on New Promotion of Demonic Diablo IV


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KFC Quiet on New Promotion of Demonic Diablo IV

Not wanting to fall into the same pit of boycotts and media attention that has gripped major corporations like Bud Light, Target and Kohl’s, fast-food retailer Kentucky Fried Chicken has been quiet about their newest collaboration.

Partnering with video game giant Activision-Blizzard for the release of their upcoming title “Diablo IV,” KFC is laying low about the campaign featuring the demon Lilith.

The subtle marketing campaign has made it so that people are not just given the Diablo IV themed items, but instead must link their account to their KFC account and order their food online.

AG Missionaries: Muslims Encountering Jesus in Dreams at ‘Alarming Rate’

Two Assemblies of God missionaries are sharing multiple first-hand testimonies of Muslims coming to the Christian faith after encountering Jesus Christ in their dreams.

James Bradford, the lead pastor at Central Assembly in Springfield, Missouri, and missionary Dick Brogden told Assemblies of God News that God is answering the prayers of Christians who are praying for Muslims.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Likens Bible to ‘Fantasy’

Sometimes, about once in a blue moon, a modern-day celebrity will dole out good advice.

Take Chris Pratt for example. He stood up before millions of viewers and said, “God is real. God loves you and God wants the best for you. Believe that, I do.”

For Hollywood, that is some sound advice.

Prank or Satanic? Scantily Clad Witches Caught on Camera Eating Animal Carcass

When Pastor Greg Locke of Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, said that the world is facing an unprecedented threat from witchcraft and the occult, too many covered their ears because they did not want to hear what he had to say.

Now, witchcraft, the occult and paganism are exploding across the globe, and especially in the United States and Canada.

On June 6, the Lilith Demon Will Be Celebrated Worldwide With Diablo IV Launch

As millions across the world await the international release of the upcoming ARPG Diablo IV on June 6, few are aware, or care, that with this game comes the promotion of a very real demonic spirit: Lilith.

The “night creature” mentioned in Isaiah 34 is also the main antagonist in the upcoming game that paints her as an anti-hero, who really is not evil at heart.

Video games and satanic imagery are nothing new here, since Doom and the original Diablo games were released, Christians have denounced them as evil, which they are. {eoa}

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