Top of the Week: Star Power Can’t Save ‘Occultic’ Disney Film From Box Office Ruin


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Star Power Can’t Save ‘Occultic’ Disney Film From Box Office Ruin

Disney was reportedly dealt another blow at the box office last weekend when “Haunted Mansion” underperformed and “bombed,” according to some critics.

The live-action remake of the 2003 classic by the same name brought in $24.2 million opening weekend, coming under the $30 million experts expected, Movieguide® reported.

The Christian movie site went on to express its belief occultic content in “Haunted Mansion” played a role in why some families chose to stay away from theaters.

Demonic Manifestations Becoming the Norm in America

When Christians are not active participants in society and culture, Satan begins taking territory for himself.

There is no clearer example of this than the United States of America.

A nation that was founded on godly principles and morality, a nation that fought to correct the sins of her past and ensure freedom for all citizens was guaranteed, has fallen under demonic influence.

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Back to Basics: Speaking Truth in Love With Pastor Tony Suarez

There is an active battle taking place in the spiritual realm that is meant to distort and rewrite the Word of God.

Many are being deceived about what the Bible truly says as false teachers and prophets corrupt and twist biblical teachings to fit their personal agendas or ideologies.

Pastor Tony Suarez discussed with Charisma Media the need for Christians to understand the true and inerrant messages held in the pages of the Bible. This way, they are equipped to defend the Word of God from false teachers who seek to lead others astray.

Progressive Christianity Is the Reason a Drag Queen Charted on Christian Music

For the first time ever a drag queen’s song hit number one on the Christian iTunes chart.

Flamy Grant’s song, “Good Day,” featuring Derek Webb took over the number one spot on iTunes’ Christian chart.

The song is about Grant’s “comeback” to the Christian community. The song implies that Grant was hurt by the church and its teachings against the LGBTQ lifestyle.

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The Big Problem With the Any-Minute Rapture

Like many of you, I long for the Lord’s appearing, and my greatest dream is that He will return in my lifetime. Even so, come, Lord Jesus! But I have a real problem with setting dates for His return. And I have a real problem with the mindset that He could return at any moment. Let me explain why.

To be clear, none of us know when we will die, and in many cases, our deaths will be sudden and unexpected. So, at all times, we should live in readiness to meet the Lord. That goes without saying.

But when it comes to predicting the day (or year) of the Lord’s return, the first problem is that, to date, every single prediction, without exception, has been wrong. The failure rate is 100%. Why should anyone believe the next prediction when all previous predictions have been wrong? Based on what new, definitive data? (For the record, I’ve seen some of the “data,” and I don’t buy it for a second.) {eoa}

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