Another Megachurch Pastor Charged with Sexual Abuse


The Christian church has a severe problem, and God is shaking it to rid His people of this disgusting, perverse sin.

Former pastor Zachary King, who has a history of speaking at a multitude of various megachurches, has now been formally charged with the following charges according to LEX18:

  • procuring or promoting use of minor by electronic means
  • first-degree rape
  • first-degree sodomy
  • third-degree rape
  • third-degree sodomy
  • first-degree sexual abuse

His victim? A 15-year-old minor which King admitted to having “sexual intercourse with the minor starting at age 15 in January 2023, continuing until April 2024.”

King had been preaching as recently as a few months ago at LexCity Church in Lexington, Kentucky, but he reportedly resigned once he was confronted by members of the church.

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According to King’s LinkedIn profile he has been, “Campus Pastor/Senior Leader with 17+ years of experience in large church environments. Extensive knowledge and experience in leading large teams at multiple church campuses.”

The predators that have been plaguing churches must be rooted out and justice must be delivered upon them and healing and restoration given to their victims.

From the Alpha Chi scandal to prominent pastors such as Mike Bickle, Robert Morris and many, many others, the sexual sin and abuse that has found itself rooted deeply in what is supposed to be the body of Christ is abominable to the Lord.

People can say all they want, “That’s not the real church,” but when major media outlets blast out “Christian Pastor” for all the world to see, the people reading it do not care what denomination they are with, they only attach this perversion to the perfect name of Jesus.

All according to the devil’s plan.

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Following his arraignment, King was back in court on Friday, July 5. The presiding judge in turn found him to be a potential flight risk, while King and his attorney waved his right to a preliminary hearing.

Anyone with even the slightest amount of time spent reading the Word of God knows that the Bible speaks against sexual sins constantly, through both the Old and New Testaments. These sins are abhorrent to God, especially when they are committed against the children whom God loves so dearly.

Churches are being torn apart due to the sins of leaders, and this time can be used as a turning point to take the spotlight off of “celebrity pastors” as Dr. Michael Brown addressed on his podcast “In the Line of Fire,” and instead put the focus of the church back on God.

There is simply no excuse nor should there be any tolerance for this type of diabolical activity within the church, as there is already enough sexual sin within the world.

Vigilance, accountability and biblical discernment and literacy must be applied by all members of the church in these days of deception we now find ourselves living in. The enemy is on the move, and has the church in his sights. The most vulnerable among us must be protected, because if the Christian church is no longer a safe place for people to congregate, then no place on earth is safe.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.


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