Christian YouTuber Slams Kirk Franklin at Juneteenth Concert


When Joe Biden and Kamala Harris hosted an early Juneteenth concert in commemoration of the end of slavery in the United States, they invited a long list of entertainers such as “Godmother of Soul” Patti LaBelle and Gladys Knight to join them for the celebration.

But it was gospel recording artist Kirk Franklin who seemed to have grabbed the spotlight, and headlines, for the event.

Franklin proceeded to surprise many during his set by inviting Harris on stage to dance with him and kiss her hand in the process.

This dancing was much more subdued than the aggressive style that raised many eyebrows at a Jamaican Christian music festival, where the CEO of the company sponsoring the event condemned Franklin for his actions.

The dance with Harris at the White House is not without its critics either, as popular Christian YouTuber Gabe Poirot blasted Franklin for dancing with Harris due to her unwavering support for abortion.

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“Let me ask you: if you thought it would be amazing to include in the same sentences where you praise Jesus Christ, in the same picture where you say that you are committed to God bring up a woman on stage who has committed her life to fighting for the murder of the innocent, you tell me how fun that is,” Poirot said in response to the event.

“You tell me how funny it is when you see the 60 million children in the womb who have been killed even before they ever had a chance. And you want to convince me that you’re protecting the innocent, that you’re fighting for the rights of the African-Americans, as you support organizations like Planned Parenthood who were founded by ‘genocidists,’ who were founded by racists,” he continues.

Poirot goes on to explain he believes this is a clear-cut case of people who have a gifting and an anointing like Franklin, but go on to use them outside of the will of God.

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“He [Franklin] has an amazing gift and talent that is from the Lord, that the Lord can never take back because the gifts and callings of God are without repentance. But you know what’s so interesting about that? How sons and daughters of God will abuse the very gifts that God has given us and manipulate it to influence people and lead them astray,” Poirot declares.

While we as Christians are certainly called to go out into the world, meaning we are to live among its inhabitants and not hide in the shadows fearfully waiting for the day of the Lord, we are not to be conformed to its ways either.

Instead, we are to stand out as a light in the world, because we are in Christ Jesus who is the Light (Matt. 5:14-16).

Hopefully Franklin was able to share his faith with those in attendance, because if their actions and policies are any indication, the Biden administration is in dire need of the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.


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