Did the U.K. Just Witness ‘Electoral Armageddon’?


The elections are now over in the United Kingdom, and British parliament is now solidly under the left-wing control of the Labour Party.

Thanks to years of incompetent leadership under conservative Tory Party leadership, something the United States knows a bit about in recent times, the populace had had enough and the pendulum swung greatly to the left.

As reported by CNN:

“The results represent one of the largest swings in British political history, and a stunning defeat for the Conservative Party after 14 years in government, bringing a brutal end to Rishi Sunak’s premiership as his party lost around two-thirds of the 372 seats it was defending.”

Many citizens in the U.K., similar to their counterparts in the U.S., are tired of continued protests, strikes and social unrest around the country under the weak leadership of Sunak and voted for change.

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New Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer has already met with King Charles III and been given the task to form the next government.

The feeling in the air is reminiscent of when former President Barack Obama swept into office, promising the same change that Starmer is putting forth from his new government.

“The change begins right here because this is your democracy, your community, your future,” Starmer said. “You have voted. It’s now time for us to deliver.”

Some of the promises he ran on include revamping the National Health Service, cutting the energy bills of citizens and securing the porous border that has seen a massive influx of illegal immigrants over the last several years across the English Channel.

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So what does this spell for the future of England?

No one can tell for sure what will come from a new left-wing government in England, the party which was so fervently against the Brexit which saw the U.K. leave the European Union, but analysts predict that relations between the two governing bodies could improve in the coming years.

As many governments in the EU have recently elected right-leaning leadership, the U.K. seems to have taken the opposite approach, and the polices that will eventually come with it.

Time will tell if Europe can recover from the years of globalist influence and unchecked illegal immigration, but one thing is for certain: if it ever wants to reclaim its past blessing, it must turn back to God and His tenets which saw the continent so greatly blessed over the centuries.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.


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