Dr. Phil Blasts Trial Verdict Ahead of Trump Interview


Dr. Phil has decided to speak out against the verdict of the Trump trial.

While Dr. Phil McGraw has been known for years as someone with a background in psychology who has been providing resources to help individuals and families through some of life’s greatest storms. Recently though, Dr. Phil has boldly shared more about his thoughts on political, social and religious stances.

“We need our Justice Department to return to the business of meting out justice and not running the political agendas of those currently in power,” McGraw said during his show.

McGraw made this statement ahead of his exclusive interview with Trump, which is premiering tonight on Merit Street and the Merit+ app.

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McGraw made it clear that what we are seeing happening through this verdict isn’t just about the former president, but rather, about something much bigger that will affect all of us.

“Let’s be honest, this is so not just about Trump,” McGraw said. “If you let your hatred for Donald Trump compromise your ability to find true north on your moral compass, shame on you. If you let your disgust for Biden make you blind to the inevitable consequences of pursuing revenge, then God help the children who will inherit the dystopian nightmare we create.”

McGraw reiterated something most of us as Americans tend to forget; our government officials are elected by us, the people, and we hold the power to determine when it’s time for them to go to the wayside.

“They need to know we are watching, and their positions are privileges, not legacies,” McGraw said. “They work for us until they don’t.”

McGraw recently opened up about how his faith guides and affects everything he does when he spoke at Ed Young’s megachurch, Fellowship Church. In particular, he discussed the integral nature of the church for forming healthy, stable families.

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“The church brings something to the family unit that causes cohesion,” McGraw said. “That causes values to be though of and talked about and prayerfully considered.”

It is this kind of prayer and dedication that McGraw himself wanted to bring to his family.

“It was important to me as a father to model to those children that they see their father in a prayerful relationship with the heavenly Father,” McGraw said.

Right now, our nation and the world is in desperate need for leaders who will stand up for righteousness on all fronts. Dr. Phil may just have ended up as one of the most unexpected voices of reasoning and truth for this era, and he should be kept in prayer as he uses his platform for the good of humanity.  

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Abby Trivett is a content development editor for Charisma Media.


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