Famine Threatening Millions, One of Worst in History


It is easy to take for granted the ease with which we are capable of going to a grocery store and choosing from a wide variety of food in the West.

While this blessing came from honoring God and a system that brought forth abundance for the nations, there are many countries that have not experienced this and currently are teetering on the brink of collapse.

This is the future millions in Sudan are facing, as the international outreach program World Vision warns the war-torn country will see “the worst levels of acute food insecurity” in its history.

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While governments and programs try and change the wording, it breaks down to one thing: Sudan is facing a famine of massive proportion.

World Vision highlighted five areas which threaten millions in the nearly failed state, which has seen fighting and food shortages now for decades:

  • “Over half the population of Sudan (six million people) is facing crisis or worse conditions of food insecurity (IPC Phase 3 or above) between June and September of this year.”
  • “Five million people (18% of the population) are facing high levels of acute food insecurity (IPC Phase 4, Emergency).”
  • “Risk of famine across 14 areas is impacting local residents, internally displaced people and refugees in Sudan from neighboring countries.”
  • “UNICEF says nearly nine million children face acute food insecurity and over 700,000 children under age five are at risk of death.”
  • “Humanitarian agencies need unhindered access and full funding of the humanitarian appeals for Sudan and neighboring countries.”

As reported by World Vision, “The last famine declaration in East Africa was in 2017 in South Sudan, and prior to that, 2011 in Somalia. In both cases, hundreds of thousands of lives were lost and children have suffered long-term impacts from malnutrition and loss of agriculture outputs. The situation in Sudan is similarly grim.”

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Getting tunnel vision on the multitude of problems at home makes it easy to not notice the indicators around the world of potential end-times indicators.

Jesus tells us these events must take place before His return, and one of them is famine as listed in Matthew 24:7. Just because it is not taking place in the West, yet, does not mean it is not here on Earth at this very moment.

Christians are called to be prepared at any given time for Christ’s return, and in doing so help those who are suffering in the world. For those who we feed and clothe out of compassion, so too are we serving Christ (Matt. 25:44-45).

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.


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