Have We Entered a New Era Where Divine Intervention Will be Commonplace?


The topic dominated our dinner table just a few nights ago, as our guests discussed the oddity of the sudden death of two prominent individuals whose unexpected end coincidentally occurred immediately following their sharp condemnations of Israel.

The first event occurred in December 2023, involving 53-year-old Hasan Bitmez, a member of the Turkish Parliament from the Islamic party, who suddenly collapsed in the same venue where he had just delivered a 20-minute blistering speech, criticizing Israel.

“During his speech, he was seen holding a sign that read, “Murderer Israel, Collaborator AKP,” (Abbreviation for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ruling Justice and Development Party). Bitmez accused the AKP government of continuing to engage in trade with Israel even as it became one of its most vocal critics. The legislator concluded his remarks by reading from a poem that ended with these words, “Even if you escape the torment of history, you will not be able to escape the wrath of God.”

Fellow lawmakers must have been astonished as, just moments later, Bitmez keeled over and was pronounced dead at the hospital to where he had been rushed. The timing of such a shocking image is almost reminiscent of the Biblical account of Korah, and his men, recorded in Numbers 16, who were literally swallowed up by the earth after having led a rebellion against Moses and Aaron. While pronouncing judgment against God’s chosen leaders, they, themselves were the ones who swiftly perished.

The second startling event just happened a couple of weeks ago when Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi was mysteriously killed in what appeared to be a freak helicopter accident which unexpectedly crashed in heavy fog. Similarly, his death came only weeks after his vicious threats against Israel were voiced, as they sought to defend themselves after the brutal October 7 massacre. It was only in April that he vowed to destroy the Jewish homeland if it should dare to attack Iran.

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There is no question that these two incidents feel connected in the sense that both resulted in the demise of two men, whose bitterness toward Israel had been verbally expressed just prior to their unexpected end. Could anyone really chalk it up to coincidence? Perhaps, but with such similarities in both circumstances, it almost seems undeniable that what occurred was nothing short of divine intervention, the likes of which has not happened for thousands of years.

So, the relevant question, which many are asking, is whether or not we have entered a new era that is about to resemble Bible times where God’s swift judgment took place, revealing His involvement in the lives of men as well as displaying His ultimate power and authority as the Righteous Judge?

It appears as if we have, because there doesn’t seem to be any other logical or plausible explanation for these two baffling episodes which now has everyone talking and wondering whether or not the whole “God is dead” theory is way off base.

While it’s true that thousands of years have passed since humanity has had a front-row seat to miraculous actions which were attributed to the Almighty, back in the day, we’ve also been witnessing unusual and unpredictable current events, which have no precedence, all attesting to the fact that we are in uncharted waters and very likely entering a new phase of history which is Biblically prophetic.

Those include wars, rumors of wars, pandemics (termed plagues), every nation coming against Israel and a time of great global upheaval and distress, such as has never been seen before. In fact, a quick read through many of the prophetic books of scripture are as current and relevant as today’s newspapers. We live in a time when unprincipled and ungodly men are defying the Creator in ways that demand judgment, and that is why it’s almost impossible not to connect the dots.

When considering, for example, the period, spoken of in Daniel 12, as being the end time, it states that “knowledge shall increase.” What could be a more accurate description of the Internet, where every bit of information is available at one’s fingertips within seconds?

Or what about the opening of Zechariah 14 which says, “For I will gather all the nations against Jerusalem to battle.” Are we not already there, given recent events where world entities, such as the United Nations and the International Criminal Court at the Hague have roundly condemned Israel for daring to defend themselves, despite their exemplary cautionary methods of pre-empting any attacks by warning civilians of impending danger? Providing the enemy with food and other humanitarian aid is also lost on the nations who, rather than support the ones fighting global terrorism are now viewed as a pariah, to the extent that, according to France 24, “145 countries now recognize a Palestinian state.” Al Jazeera has the number at 146.

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Are we, indeed, gearing up for the war to end all wars, the final showdown where all seems lost for Israel but where another supernatural, divine intervention takes place as God battles the foes who have gathered in one place with the intent of putting an end to the bane of their existence? Because that is how the events play out, according to Zechariah 14, which says that, “The Lord will go forth and fight against those nations as when He fights on a day of battle.” (vs. 3)

This is the ultimate sign that we were never alone or abandoned. Judgment would always be guaranteed when individuals, either alone or corporately, tried to come against the land that God promised to His people. And this has apparently come to pass, in recent days, at least in the case of Bitmez and Raisi – two men who audaciously came against the Promised Land and those who reside within her gates.

It will be interesting to see who else is presumptuous enough to challenge the plans and purposes of God, Almighty, who has already assured us that when the battle begins, in earnest, He will be right there to fight on our behalf! Nothing could be more comforting or offer more security than the knowledge that we cannot lose, because the victory has already been promised!

It’s too bad that Bitmez and Raisi somehow managed to remain ignorant of how everything comes to a close, because had they believed what was written some 2500 years ago, they might both still be around today. However, their sudden end serves as a good warning that God is still very much involved in the affairs of men, and as the days go on, we might notice even more evidence of that in ways that will remind us that we are merely the creation and not the Creator!

This article originally appeared on ALL ISRAEL NEWS, and is reposted with permission.

Cookie Schwaeber-Issan is a former Jerusalem elementary and middle-school principal and the granddaughter of European Jews who arrived in the US before the Holocaust. Making Aliyah in 1993, she is retired and now lives in the center of the country with her husband.

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