How America Changed a Radical’s View of Freedom


From shouting “Death to America” to now declaring “God Bless America,” the testimony of Hormoz Shariat is one that shines with the transformative power of Jesus Christ.

Born in Iran but becoming a dual citizen in America for his studies, Shariat has passionately expressed the misconceptions many are trying to spread regarding the United States and her role on the world stage.

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In a recent op-ed for Fox News, Shariat lists the many reasons he went from demanding the extermination of the United States, to loving and appreciating the freedom offered within her borders:

  • America is the land of religious freedom: “By putting my faith in Christ, my life was transformed. My troubled marriage was healed; my wife and I canceled our plans for divorce, and a new future unfolded for us here because of the religious freedom afforded.”
  • America is the land of opportunity: “Here in America, you can dream and work to make your dreams come true. This country gave me an opportunity and provided support to pursue my educational dream.”
  • America allowed him to serve the oppressed: “Because of the generous support of Americans to our ministry, more than 100,000 Iranian Muslims have come to faith in Jesus Christ.”
  • America has a history of helping the world: “When a disaster strikes anywhere in the world—even in Islamic countries such as Iran—Americans and especially American Christians have always been the first to respond by sending people and money to aid victims.”

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These reasons, and more, showcase why a man who had only heard bad things about the world’s foremost superpower would radically change his stance once he experienced living in America firsthand. He suffered through true oppression, something most Americans know little to nothing about.

Yet Shariat continues to point to the true reason for the blessing that has encapsulated America throughout her brief yet impactful history: the faith of her citizens in the one, true God and in His Son, Jesus Christ. For without this faith in our Creator, there is no hope for the country.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.


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