L.A. Marzulli: The Dark Connection Between the Mormon Church and the Nephilim


What is one of the greatest kept secrets of the Mormon church?

In an interview with Charisma Media, Nephilim expert L.A. Marzulli uncovered the dark secret of the Mormon church and how it relates back to the Nephilim.

The first thing Marzulli puts as a disclaimer about the Mormon church is that the gospel they adhere to is not the same gospel that Christians do.

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“It’s another gospel. It’s a false gospel. With all due to respect to Mormons out there. It’s not the gospel that we know,” Marzulli says.
One of the point the emphasized by Mormon beliefs is that the Nephi and his sons came from the Middle East and began populating the Americas. This is something Marzulli says is filled with half-truths.

“Mixed in with that are some half-truths. So, the Nephites are the Nephilim. And they did come over so that’s partially true,” Marzulli says.
Marzulli himself was given an invitation by a woman in Salt Lake City who said she could show him where the sarcophagi of the Nephilim in the area were located. However, Marzulli noticed something else when he got to Salt Lake City for this interview.

“We flew in and when we got there, we were being watched. We were immediately met by a higher up in the Mormon Church who took us into Salt Lake City, the Grand Poobah building,” Marzulli says.

“There’s a guy that I interviewed in Salt Lake…and they did find giant bones,” Marzulli continues. “He was a building inspector and they did find giant bones in an excavation for a building and immediately the powers that be came in, shut the site down, cordoned it all off and extracted the material gone forever.”

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Marzulli says these fascinating discoveries and disappearances could be part of the half-truths that Mormonism succumbs to for their basis of belief.

“It makes sense because I believe there was a diaspora of Nephilim tribes when Joshua and Caleb did push the conquest of Canaan,” Marzulli says.

Marzulli believes the spread of Nephilim help to explain some of the unique things about the Americas and even Europe, including large free-standing stones.

“The copper mines in Michigan; where did all that go? That came in to the Bronze Age thousands of years ago,” Marzulli says.
Marzulli points out that even the oral traditions of Native Americans point to the reality of Nephilim in America. Stories about lances that were large enough to go through three natives at once during war are not only alive, but evidence of one was discovered in Michigan.

As evidence for the Nephilim continues to be uncovered, including by organizations like the Mormon Church, it’s important to remember that Christ is still the one who sits on the throne, and the power of the Living God is much greater than any other physical or spiritual entity.

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Abby Trivett is content development editor for Charisma Media.


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