Massive Ten Commandments Display Triggers Atheist Group


We live in an age when people are openly rejecting the cures to society’s ailments.

When repentance and humility offer a path back into God’s blessing and protection, sojourners instead reject them and embrace atheism and humanism.

But it is not enough to just reject God’s ways, they must actively be hunted down and removed from American society.

This is why the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s newest venture of removing a massive two-story rendition of the Ten Commandments from a Duluth, Minnesota prison, along with inspirational quotes from influential figures such as President Ronald Reagan, is so indicative of the spiritual rot within the United States today.

As the prison system in the United States has failed to reform prisoners and instead create a system of cyclical incarceration, when the Word of God is introduced into prisoners’ lives, a multitude of ministries have seen lives changed and families restored from a life of crime.

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When visitors toured the Minnesota facility, Shakespeare would be jealous of the drama level they were able to ratchet up upon seeing the Ten Commandments, the source of Judeo-Christian morality that has helped shape the world.

“The whole time I was thinking if I were in here, it would be very clear to me that I was not in a safe place,” says Grand Rapids resident Dana Butler, according to the Star Tribune.

How exactly do the Ten Commandments threaten a person’s safety? Or, just maybe, this person’s own bias and bigotry toward religion, Christianity and Judaism in particular, is clouding their thoughts.

Another resident, Brian Vroman, told the Star Tribune that the display was “authoritarian,” a recent talking point of the left to deflect from the abuse of authority by the Biden administration, and said “this is government imposing religion” on the prisoners.

“It’s pretty audacious and pretty reckless,” he adds.

Putting up the Ten Commandments is considered “reckless” to some Americans today. Yet if the prisoners who look upon this large display would abide by these standards of morality, they may in fact not find themselves incarcerated because they would not be committing crimes.

Since the removal of prayer, the Ten Commandments and the assault on the nuclear family, crime has only risen in this country, and people still push for the morals that this nation was founded on to be pushed out using incorrect interpretations of the Separation Clause in the U.S. Constitution.

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With these aggressively hostile interpretations in effect, American culture has continued its slide toward oblivion for decades, with the only hope of saving her being repentance of our national sin against God and turning back toward Him.

Instead, we have the FFRF attorney Hirsh M. Joshi calling on the Itasca County Jail Division Administrator Lucas Thompson to “repaint and repent” for putting up the biblical quotes in a statement.

“Paint over the quotes and Ten Commandments display, then apologize to constituents for wasting money on two paint jobs” Joshi wrote.

Meanwhile, Itasca County Sheriff Joe Dasovich said while he didn’t make the decision to put up the display, he expected a harsh reaction to it while mulling taking it down. But the reaction is not from the actual prisoners in the prison, of which many have taken advantage of the facility’s voluntary faith-based programs, according to Fox News.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.


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