Morning Rundown: Charisma News Brief: Megachurch Pastor Robert Morris Admits to Moral Failure After Accusations of Child Sexual Abuse


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Charisma News Brief: Pastor Robert Morris Admits to Moral Failure After Accusations of Child Sexual Abuse

Robert Morris, founding pastor of Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas, has admitted to involvement in “inappropriate sexual behavior with a young lady” after a woman accused him of sexually abusing her between December 1982 and March 1987, beginning when she was 12 years old.

The Wartburg Watch, a blog dealing with abuse in the church, broke the story with a detailed account of the abuse from the alleged victim, now 54, who said she did not view the relationship with Morris as abuse until she was 35.

A statement from the elders of Gateway Church, released to staffers but also posted on The Roys Report, reads as follows:

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Christian Musician Faces Backlash for ‘Songs About Whiskey’

Christian music artist Anne Wilson is facing backlash for her new tune, “Songs About Whiskey.”

The singer, who first rose to fame for her hit single “My Jesus,” has some of her fans concerned because of her reference to alcohol in this latest song.
Speaking with Crosswalk Headlines, Wilson says that some have been worried she’s “gone off the deep end.”

“I’ve had some fans reach out already and be like, ‘Okay, no that kind of worries me like, have you gone off the deep end? Have you left God behind?'” Wilson says.

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Former Co-Worker Breaks Into Home to Perform Exorcism

When an Indiana man broke into his former Chick-fil-A coworker’s home because he believed she needed an exorcism, he shined a bright light on exactly what not to do in deliverance ministry.

Pastors and ministers who have engaged in or witnessed someone delivered from demonic oppression or generational curses know this is something that must be taken seriously, but also biblically above all else.

Somehow, the suspect thought it would be a good idea to break into his former coworker’s home around 1:15 a.m. and perform an exorcism with a homemade CD.

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