‘Pentecost 2.0’: Kathryn Krick Shares Powerful Testimony of Revival and Healing


Apostle Kathryn Krick is joyfully sharing how God’s mighty and faithful hand moved in miraculous healing and revival during the Flourish Conference at Five-Fold Church in L.A.

“God had spoken to me that it would be like the day of Pentecost,” Krick wrote in a statement to Charisma Media. “God far surpassed our expectations! Many are calling it Pentecost 2.0! Glory to God!”

Krick reflected on how God showed up with miracles abounding everywhere, healing a woman who was blind.

“The next day on Sunday we experienced God move in even greater power,” Krick wrote. “A woman’s eyes opened up (she had very bad eye-sight), and her reaction is forever ingrained in my memory—pure joy, shock and gratitude to Jesus.”

Weeks after being prayed over at Krick’s Five-Fold Church, a man who had stage 3 colon cancer also came back to testify that his cancer had left after being prayed over.

“The doctors couldn’t find the cancer on the scans!” Krick wrote. “He was completely healed!”

Krick documented this outpouring of the Holy Spirit in a YouTube recap, which showcased testimonies of many people who experienced God’s presence in a new and meaningful way at the Flourish Conference. For Krick, seeing the Holy Spirit touch so many people was awe-inspiring.

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.


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