Pentecost Conference Sees 63K Participants Glorify God


Missiologists have long considered Europe to be post-Christian, and the Netherlands is seen as a major example of that as the Dutch country has embraced atheism, legalized drugs and publicly glorified prostitution. 

But roughly 60,000 Christians, a stunning number for any European country, showed up less than two weeks ago in the Netherlands to publicly praise the name of Jesus at the 54th annual Opwekking Pentecost Conference on the grounds of Walibi Holland.

“Revival means following Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit. This is our desire: The Netherlands full of Jesus,” the organization wrote on Instagram. 

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Gospel artist Travis Greene led worship at the four-day conference and Pastor Pete Greig, founder of THE 24-7 Prayer Movement, was one of several speakers to share an uplifting message with attendees.

According to the Netherlands Institute for Social Research, more than half of the Dutch identify as atheist or agnostic. A 2018 survey reveals that 69% of the population have never attended a church service and 29% of people considered themselves atheists.

“From the mid-1960s until today, this religious and political structure of the Netherlands has slowly dissolved and society has become more secular. Consequently, the percentage of people who proclaim to be active believers has decreased by two-thirds,” wrote Benjamin Roberts for The Holland Times

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