Permanent Increase Is Goal of Kairos Moment at MSG


In the midst of citizens of New York City dealing with daily crime, inflation and hopelessness, the Lord still showed up to remind His people that there is hope, joy and purpose to be found in His presence.

The event, called Adora America, saw thousands descend on Madison Square Garden to pray and worship the Lord together.

This initiative led by the Latino church in NYC was a multi-ethnic gathering divinely designed to break the spirit of poverty over the Spanish-speaking church in America. The founder , Carlos Jimenez, operated in an extraordinary gift of faith, believing God for financial provision and was able to pay off Madison Square Garden two days before the event.

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Such a task is no small feat as the cost for renting MSG is astronomical, but through faith, over half a million dollars was raised to rent the Garden.

Some of the leaders involved include Joseph Mattera, A.R. Bernard, Ben Paz and Carlos Jimenez, who all shared great grace with clarity, authority and vision that imparted faith and passion for God to the church.

“We trust this kairos moment will be a catalyst for greater unity and cooperation in the city and beyond among key leaders, pastors and churches,” Mattera wrote.

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According to their websites, Adora America “seeks to bring the body of Christ together for a time of prayer and worship” at each of their events.

“We believe that for God to establish a permanent increase of His presence and purpose in a region, the sons of God must come together in one place and one accord. (Acts 1:14) Adora America serves as a catalyst for this unity by leading the church to lift up an altar of worship and prayer in the city and mobilizing them for coordinated evangelism.

“Adora America looks to collaborate with God in connecting the church of the Lord Jesus Christ in a region, so that we might preach the gospel and flood the earth with the message of the kingdom of God as one,” their statement continues.

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James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.


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